One of the worst feelings in the world is going into a test that you studied extremely hard for, feeling like you did great, and ending up with a bad grade. The only solution: chocolate and junk food and crying. Well…maybe for the first few hours. But next, we must reflect and recover.

We all have to remember that as students we are not defined by a bad grade on a piece of paper. A bad grade on a test does not reflect intelligence or hard work. While it is important to perform well on tests, it is also important to remember that tests are not everything and it is okay to not do your very best once in a while. However, to a certain extent, tests do measure our knowledge of a certain subject.

Just ask yourself a few things after receiving a bad grade:

  1. Did you follow your study plan?
  2. Did you utilize all your resources? (go to the teacher, look over homework, review old tests)
  3. Did you genuinely study hard and try to learn the material?
  4. Did you study until you felt like you were truly ready to take the test?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then it really is okay that you got a bad grade. Just ask yourself, what can I do better next time so I don’t make the same mistakes again?

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