Are you ready to become a Husky and spend the next four years of your life in beautiful Seattle, Washington? I really can’t blame you. Who doesn’t want to go to Seattle at some point in their lives? But before you pack all your things into a U-Haul and absorb the local arts scene, you need to gather some information on U-Dub. Some of the things you’ll need to know are the University of Washington acceptance rate, their academic standards, and how much work you’ll need to do to make yourself a viable candidate.

What is the University of Washington Acceptance Rate?

The University of Washington Acceptance Rate is 53%. Of the nearly 37,000 applications received, almost 20,000 students were accepted into University of Washington. Most of the students come from Washington or states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas. There are also international students from countries like Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Here’s what we know about the latest group of students accepted to the University of Washington:

  •    Their average GPA is a 3.79
  •    Their average SAT score is 1825 on the 2400 scale
  •    The average SAT score on the 1600 scale is 1310
  •    They have an average ACT score of 28

From this, we can see that this is a competitive school, but you still have a good chance of getting into the University of Washington. If you take a look at all the data on the incoming class, how do you think you match up? Are your academics and standardized test scores at UW’s averages? Or are they not quite there yet?

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting into UW

Now that you have an idea of what the accepted students in the University of Washington are like, you can start thinking about how to tailor your academic record to meet their standards. To help you with this, I’m going to share some of the tips and tricks I give my students. You need to remember that admission to colleges is getting increasingly competitive every year. So even if you are above these averages, you can always go higher to increase your chances of being accepted.

Find a College Consultant

I recommend working with a college consultant to all of my students, because it will make your life easier while you’re applying to colleges. A college consultant’s role in your application process is to help you identify the schools you want to apply to and the ones you’re likely to be accepted to. Their job is to guide you so you can become a competitive applicant for the University of Washington and to get your application noticed by the admissions committee.

Study, Study, Study

With incoming freshman having an average GPA of 3.79, you’ll need to earn mostly A’s and a few B’s in your classes to attain and achieve that. I always advocate for working with a tutor to help you understand the material covered in class and to keep your grades from slipping. From a curriculum standpoint, you should take four years of English, science, math, and social studies, and take three sequential years of the same foreign language. Make sure to have as many AP and IB classes in those subjects as you can. These types of classes not only show that you’re mentally at college-level capacity, but they can also give your GPA a boost.

Rock the ACT or SAT

You’ll also need to take either the SAT or the ACT as part of University of Washington’s admissions requirements. Because they accept both, I suggest taking both the Pre-ACT and PSAT and use those scores to determine which test you’ll take. It’s better to put all of your focus on one test instead of trying to dedicate time to both. After picking your test, you should find a coach with a high score in that test and practice until your score is at or above the averages from the University of Washington. If you take the official test and aren’t happy with your score, don’t be afraid to re-take it! It’s very normal to do so and you can submit between four and six test scores without your chances of admission decreasing.

Show Off Your Passions

Be careful that you don’t throw yourself into so much school work and prep for the SAT or ACT that you don’t do anything else. Doing this will actually increase anxiety and depression so please remember you can give yourself a break without jeopardizing your chances at being admitted to UW. You make your application stand out and show the U-Dub’s admissions committee that you care about the world around you by being involved in school clubs, having a part-time job, participating in a varsity sport, or volunteering in your community. Your brain will thank you for taking a break.

If you know that you would make a great Husky and can’t wait to spend four years in Seattle, the University of Washington might be the perfect place for you. Although it is a competitive school, the University of Washington acceptance rate is 53% which means there’s a very good chance you will be able to get in. But with college admission becoming more and more competitive each year, I know you’re going to want to do everything you can to improve your chances. By working with a college consultant, getting good grades, doing well on the SAT or ACT, and remembering to take time for your extra-curriculars, you are increasing the chances of your application being noticed by the University of Washington admissions team.

What are your thoughts about being a Husky? What surprised you the most about reading this article? Let us know in the comments section below!