Why Do the Averages Matter?

If you’re wondering why I’d like to talk about the average UF score for standardized tests and the average GPA, you’re not alone. Many of the students I work with ask me why knowing this information is important, especially when the University of Florida provides their minimum requirements for standardized test score. I get where they’re coming from. Here’s my answer to that.

When you study for a test, you’re studying to get the best grade possible. Yes, you want to pass the test, that’s very important, but generally you’re also studying for a good grade. Right? UF’s minimum requirements are a lot like that test you’re studying for. The minimum requirements are what you need to just pass the test of admissions. So before you prepare to sign on as a Gator, read on.

What is the Average UF Score for the SAT?

UF lists the minimum requirements on the SAT as a 500 on the math and verbal sections. Currently, UF hasn’t released what their minimum requirements are for the new test. The average UF score you need for the SAT is a 1918 on the 2400 scale or about a 1360 on the new 1600 scale. These scores are fairly competitive and much higher than the minimum requirements listed above.

If you decide to take the SAT as your standardized test, be sure to work with a coach who scored high and can help you prepare. Use your scores from the PSAT to figure out which areas you need to work on or improve on to achieve the score you need. I encourage you to use the average scores I provided as your goal. Work as much as you can with your coach, learn from them, and practice with the SAT as much as you can.

What is the Average UF Score for the ACT?

On the UF’s admissions site, their minimum requirements for the ACT are a 19 on the reading and math subsections. When you look at the accepted students, the average UF score for the ACT is a 30. Remember, this is a composite score, not the score for the subsections. This score is very competitive and is higher than the minimum requirement, too.

Use your scores from the Pre-ACT to determine where you need to improve to hit that composite score of 30. If you decide to use the ACT as your standardized test, partner with a high-scoring coach while you’re preparing to take this test. Coaches can help you strategize, learn about the test, and strengthen areas you need help in. Make sure to work with them and take practice tests as much as you can so that you’re ready for test day.

What is the Average UF GPA?

The minimum GPA requirement for UF admissions is a 2.0, which is about a C average. Now, I hope you’re sitting down because the average GPA for admitted UF students is 4.35. You can see this is an incredibly competitive GPA and has clearly surpassed the minimum requirement.

UF does have a set of minimum course requirements you need to fulfill to be considered for admissions. Those requirements are:

  •    4 years of English
  •    4 years of math
  •    3 years of social studies
  •    3 years of natural sciences with two labs
  •    2 years of the same foreign language

With this in mind, I suggest you take an additional year of social studies, natural sciences, and foreign language. I also recommend that you take AP and IB classes in as many of these subjects as possible. Doing this will help boost your GPA and prove to the UF admissions committee that you’re ready and serious about college. You should also work with a tutor to ensure your GPA stays competitive with the 4.35 average.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into UF

We’ve already talked about what the average UF score is for the SAT, ACT, and the GPA for admitted students. And I’ve also given some suggestions on how to improve your test scores and GPA so they’re in line with the averages accepted students. But I do have two more pieces of advice to share with you that will help you stand out from the sea of applications.

Use a College Consultant

College consultants are relatively new in terms of the college applications process. By working with a college consultant, you have an ally on your side who knows the ins and outs of the college applications process. They are also able to help you tailor your application to be noticed by the admissions committee. Think of them as your very own admissions advisor who can help you identify schools like UF that you can apply to and what you can do to help get your application noticed.

Show Off Your Passions

Not every school talks about how important extra-curriculars are for the application process. And not everyone talks about how important it is for you to have interests outside of school and homework. By fitting in activities like school clubs or part-time jobs or varsity sports or volunteering in the community, you’re decreasing your risk for anxiety and depression and showing the UF admissions team what causes are important to you. They can only learn so much from your GPA and standardized test scores. Extra-curriculars give your brain a break from all that studying while making your college application look better.


The average UF score for each standardized test and the average GPA of accepted students is much higher than the minimum requirements they provide. Because of how competitive the college admissions process is nationwide, I encourage you to aim for the averages instead of setting for the minimum requirements. Follow the tips I’ve provided and you will increase the chances of your application being noticed by the UF admissions team.

What are your thoughts on UF? Were your surprised by the difference between the minimum requirements and the averages for accepted students? Still considering becoming a Gator? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.