Hey everyone its Neha from College Shortcuts. Did you know that there are new test dates that just got open. I couldn’t help but explore the stars inside my brain because it’s so cool. I love this new filter. Anyways make sure that you know that there’s some new dates for the first time ever that have just opened. Make sure you take a look and see the SAT and ACT dates. There’s one in literally four weeks and then there’s one in eight weeks and then twelve weeks, its the PSAT. I know you guys are all too busy eating macaroons in Paris. You know hanging out by the lake or on your ranch or whatever you’re doing. I’m here to tell you that guess what test dates are coming up. If you’re wanting to help with test prep, send me a message and let me know. I’ve got this incredible coach on my team as a few. I have some in particular that I love a little bit more that would be absolutely amazing. We’ve been helping students increase their scores by upwards of 200 to 300 points on the SAT and a few couple points on the ACT. If you want to get set up and get the help that you need so your kid is wearing this crown of stars here. Let’s go ahead and get them set up for test prep. Don’t forget message me or comment and say “hey I need test prep help” because we can get a coach ready for you as early as this week. Let’s get that schedule set up because most people think “okay I’ll just study a week before” but guys that’s not how test prep work, it’s just not. Alright see you guys soon don’t forget about the new SAT ACT dates put them on your calendar right now.