Are you dreaming of looking at your standardized test scores and discovering that you have earned a perfect SAT score? I think every student has fantasized about this at one point or another, but if you want to make your perfect SAT score dream a reality, then keep reading, because I have so much to share with you including some tips to help you get started.

What is a Perfect SAT Score?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding what a perfect SAT score actually looks like now. That’s because after many years, the College Board, the company behind this standardized test, spent the last several years remodeling the SAT. So these days, a perfect SAT score is 1600. If you hear anyone bragging about earning a perfect 2400, they’re not wrong, but they’re referring to the previous incarnation of the SAT.

Now that you know what a perfect SAT score looks like, we can talk about what it takes from you as a person to earn that score.

What Does It Take to Get a Perfect SAT Score?

Before I get into what steps you can take to get a perfect SAT score, we need to talk about what it takes to get you there in the first place. Your mind has to be in the right place for this. Taking home a perfect SAT score is a huge challenge. It requires an intense level of discipline, focus and determination. I won’t lie to you: getting a perfect SAT score is hard work. But, it’s worth it.

When you’re looking to get a perfect SAT score, here’s what you need to know about scoring:

  •    Reading: one or two questions are all you can afford to miss, but I don’t recommend relying on that.
  •    Math: you cannot miss any questions in this section and still have a perfect score; it is one of the most unforgiving sections on the SAT.
  •    Writing: sometimes you can miss one question and still earn a perfect score on this section, but I don’t recommend giving yourself that option.

Remember how I talk about mindset being critical to your success? You have to practice for perfection when it comes to preparing for a perfect SAT score. You have to be hard on yourself and you have to push yourself. While it’s fantastic for you to get a perfect score once during your test prep, you have to keep practicing until getting that perfect score becomes automatic.

To make sure you’re doing everything you can to get a perfect score, you will need to work with a tutor with a perfect SAT score. So many of my students hear the word “tutor” and cringe! But let me tell you this: if you want to be the best, you need to work with the best. And who better to teach you how to get a perfect SAT score than someone who’s done it already?

With all of this in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at what actionable steps you can take today to get you closer to that perfect SAT score.

How to Get a Perfect SAT Score

Before we begin, I want to say that even if you follow all of my advice, you might not get a perfect SAT score on the first or second or even third try. Practice makes perfect.

Gather Your Test Prep Materials

Before you even begin taking practices tests, you need to learn about the SAT test itself, the reading section, the math section, the writing and language section, essay portion, and how the test is scored. I know it sounds strange, maybe even excessive, to do prep work for your prep work, but knowing the rules of the game before you play it makes you a better player. Make sure to gather test prep books, official practice tests, and your tutor. Double check that the information you’ve gathered is on the new SAT so that you’re preparing with the right version.

It’s Time to Overanalyze Your Mistakes

Remember earlier when I said you would need to practice until a perfect SAT score was automatic? The process I’m about to share with you is crucial to getting you there. When you sit down to take the practice tests, mark the questions you’re even remotely uncertain on. This way when you review, you will see which questions are actually causing you trouble and reassure yourself on the ones you got right. Keep track of the ones you answer incorrectly in a notebook by writing out the question and why you got it wrong using the 5 Whys Technique. Everyone gives me a weird look when I talk about the 5 Whys, but it’s a process designed to get you to the root of your issue. And when you know the true reason you’re answering questions wrong, you can address it and fix it. Keeping track of your mistakes also allows you to see patterns and focus on particular types of questions that are giving you problems.

Use Awesome Study Habits.

If you don’t have good study habits, now is a great time to start developing them. Earning a perfect SAT score requires a lot of work, but repetition will only get you so far. Having solid study habits means you won’t be wasting your time and will be able to self-manage during this process. Schedule specific times outside of your tutoring sessions to study. Do it daily. Do not cram your studying and expect to get a perfect SAT score. Be diligent. I even recommend setting up a vision board and keeping it in your study area to help you re-focus when you feel like giving up or get tired of studying.

Working for a perfect SAT score is tough and requires a lot of time on your part. You will probably have to miss hanging out with your friends and forgo a few Netflix marathons in order to make this dream a reality. But it will be worth it when you have colleges and universities beating down your door; trying to recruit you for their school. Remember to learn about the test itself and follow the tips I’ve given you here. The rest is up to you!

Did you earn a perfect SAT score? Think we missed an important tip? Leave it in the comments section below!