Right now, whether your student is in elementary school, middle school, junior high, or high school, they are receiving heavily guided teaching. With homework due at certain times, required attendance at school, and things like parent-teacher conferences to discuss academic performance, a lot of responsibility is taken off of the student. Of course, these things are all in the best interest of the student and are usually quite beneficial. However, when your student is leaving for college, they won’t be in place.

Once college begins, students aren’t reminded repeatedly of assignment deadlines; attendance is no longer mandatory; and in many situations, students could fail a course before their parents learn of any of these problems.

How can you help your student develop autonomy and responsibility in order to improve self-regulated learning?

· Reading independently
· Drawing important points independently
· Being accountable for exam material without being told what the test will be comprised of.

These are very lofty tasks! Luckily, a mentoring student-tutor relationship has been shown to help students develop and excel in these fields, as well as in overall academic performance.

While working with a tutor, students are forced to build productive relationships. These relationship-building skills then translate directly to student relationships with teachers, peers, parents, and coaches. From there, this chain reaction leads to improvements in self-worth, scholastic competence, increased academic achievement, more positive attitudes in the classroom. All of these traits create students who are better prepared to meet the academic standards and demands that school, both now and in college, will throw at them.

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