What better way to beat the school-day stress than by taking the time to exercise and break a sweat? Whether you’re preparing for a mind-stimulating jog, hitting the trails for a refreshing bike ride or balancing your inner chi with some sunrise yoga, exercise is a must for relieving all kinds of daily stresses!

Exercise outside

Physical activities and exercise that get you outdoors clears your mind, fulfills your daily dose of Vitamin D and may even make you feel happier. Several studies have found that exercising amidst nature, even for as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day, will leave you feeling rejuvenated, can help increase your level of productivity and even has additional mental health benefits.

What does exercise look like?

Exercise and physical activity can look like anything that gets you up and moving! You don’t have to spend hours exercising on the treadmill (unless you enjoy that kind of thing) and you definitely don’t have to do anything that makes you dread exercise. Instead do what you LOVE. Got a knack for basketball? How about zumba? Give yoga or pilates a try if that’s what floats your boat!

How it plays into school success. 

Whatever gets you excited (and sweating) will do wonders for your memory, mood and mental health. Exercise makes you more motivated and the energy you gain can be distributed to getting those important projects and goals finished. So turn that T.V. off, power down your laptop and give your phone a rest… get up and get moving!

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