I hope you’re pumped up and excited to learn about Georgia Tech! But don’t pack your bags for Atlanta, Georgia just yet. Before you decide to apply Early Admissions or change your middle name to Buzz the Ramblin’ Wreck, there’s some critical information you need. Some of the things you’ll need to know are the Georgia Tech acceptance rate, their academic standards, and how much work you’ll need to do to make yourself a viable candidate.

What is the Georgia Tech acceptance rate?

The Georgia Tech acceptance rate is 25%. They received 30,537 applications for the incoming freshman class, a record-breaking year as far as applications go. It was a 12% increase over the previous year’s application count. Even though the number of applications increased, the number of accepted applications dropped from last year’s 32% acceptance rate.

So here’s what we know about the students in the latest Georgia Tech acceptance rate:

  •    Their average GPA is a 4.0
  •    The average SAT score on the 1600 scale is 1410
  •    They have an average ACT score of 32
  •    On average, they have taken between 7 to 13 AP, IB, and/or DE courses

After you look this over, it’s easy to see that the students in the Georgia Tech acceptance rate are a very competitive bunch. In fact, 95% of the admitted students have taken at least AP calculus or its equivalent. So when you take a look at all the data from Georgia Tech’s latest batch of students; how do your grades and standardized test scores measure up? Do you feel confident that you have the academics necessary to be accepted? Or are you feeling uncertain about whether or not Georgia Tech’s admissions team would give your application a second look?

How to Boost Your Chances of Getting into Georgia Tech

Please know that I am not telling you any of these statistics with the intent to discourage you from applying to Georgia Tech or tell you that you’re not good enough. I just want you to be aware that college admissions is becoming more and more competitive every year. I want you to have this information so you can take an honest look at your school record and academic standing. And after you have taken that honest look, I want you to read through the advice I’m going to give you to help you improve your chances of getting into Georgia Tech.

Find a College Consultant

Before you do anything else, I want you to find a college consultant and start working with them. College consultants will make your life so much easier while you’re applying to Georgia Tech and the other universities on your list. They know the ins and outs of college admissions and applications and they will be able to take so much stress off your shoulders.

Give Your Grades Your All

Since Georgia Tech’s incoming freshman have an average GPA of 4.0, you’ll need to earn mostly A’s and very few B’s in your classes to attain and achieve that. My students are probably sick of hearing me say this, but working with a tutor is one of the smartest things you can do for your GPA and your grades. As far as classes go, you should be taking four years of English, science, math, and social studies, and take three sequential years of the same foreign language. And to give your GPA a nice boost, I suggest taking as many AP and IB classes as possible in the subjects I mentioned. Doing well in those courses will show Georgia Tech that you are ready for college-level classes.

Rock the ACT or SAT

To help you decide which standardized test you should take, I suggest taking both the Pre-ACT and PSAT and use those scores as the basis of your decision. Don’t flip flop or try to ace both. Stick with one. Then, you’ll need to find a coach with a high score in your test and work with them to get your scores at or above the Georgia Tech averages. Don’t be shy about re-taking the test if you’re not happy with your score. It’s completely normal for students to send in four to six test scores when they’re applying for college.

Flaunt Your Passions

Focusing on homework and prepping for the SAT and ACT is very important. But you will leave yourself vulnerable to anxiety and depression if you do nothing, but work on homework and standardized test prep. It doesn’t matter if you join school clubs, have a part-time job, are in a varsity sport, or volunteer in your community; you need to do something outside of academia. Plus, it will make your college application look more impressive by taking an active interest in the world around you.

So now that you have a good handle on what it takes to be part of the Georgia Tech acceptance rate, I hope you’re still just as excited to apply as you were before the article. With a 25% acceptance rate and average 4.0 GPA from its incoming students, Georgia Tech is a very competitive school. I strongly encourage you to use the averages I provided as your goals for your GPA, math class, and standardized test scores. If you can go above and beyond; even better. Remember to work with a college consultant, hit the books and keep your grades up, rock the ACT or SAT, and take time for your passions and hopefully you can high-five Buzz the Ramblin’ Wreck at your first football game.

What are your thoughts on Georgia Tech? Want to know if you’re on the right track for admissions? Leave your questions or thoughts in the comments section below!