Do you dream of spending time in Washington, D.C. or walking through Foggy Bottom or brushing shoulders with some of the most important players in our nation’s policies? Then going to Georgetown University for your undergraduate degree is a smart move. If you’re curious about the Georgetown acceptance rate and you want to improve your chances of being accepted, then sit tight and keep reading.

What is the Georgetown Acceptance Rate?

After plummeting from 20% after the 2010 application cycle, the Georgetown acceptance rate has held steadily at 16% ever since. It’s a very competitive school based on that number alone. Of the 11,645 applications Georgetown received during the last application cycle, they only accepted 1,914. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the data behind this year’s 16.4% Georgetown acceptance rate.

What Students are Behind the Georgetown Acceptance Rate?

Based on how selective the Georgetown acceptance rate is, you’ve probably already concluded that the students inside the school are academically gifted. And you would be right. When we take a quick glance at some of the statistics coming out of Georgetown, you can see these students are a competitive and intelligent bunch.

Average Class Rank SAT Critical Reading Average SAT Math Average ACT Average
96.9% 680-780 680-770 31-34

It goes without saying that this is an impressive group of students that you can be part of!

Generally students in the Georgetown acceptance rate have a 4.01 GPA average, which you don’t get by taking a schedule filled with normal level high school classes. It takes a lot work and applying yourself in some very advanced classes. And if you think that bar isn’t an impressive one to clear, let’s take a look at the break down of accepted students by class rank.

#1 #2 #3 Top 5% 2nd 5%
Applied 2,514 1,194 862 5,821 3,383
Accepted 1,247 429 248 956 290
Percent Accepted 50% 36% 29% 16% 9%

The numbers are very telling. Not only is the Georgetown acceptance rate incredibly selective, but the students within it bring incredibly competitive class standings with their applications. These students look even more impressive when you unpack their SAT test scores and look at which ranges are more likely to be accepted.

750+ CR 750+ M 700+ CR 700+ M 650+ CR 650+ M
Applied 4,204 5,150 8,675 9,274 13,258 13,697
Accepted 1,426 1,447 2,340 2,292 2,887 2,891
Percent Accepted 34% 28% 27% 25% 22% 21%

When you take a closer look, there isn’t a huge statistical difference between the ranges, and these numbers are very similar to the SAT Critical Reading and SAT Math averages I provided earlier. So why take the time to show you the numbers if they’re essentially similar?

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting into Georgetown

We’ve taken a good look at the type of students who make up the Georgetown acceptance rate, so we’re now aware of how competitive it is to be part of this group. The good news? I have some great tips on how to use your high school years to make you an appealing applicant to the Georgetown admissions committee. If you’re curious about what actionable steps you can take to increase your chances of joining the selective Georgetown acceptance rate then be sure to keep reading.

Pick Your Classes Wisely

Your high school transcript is going to be one of the most important pieces of information in your Georgetown application. Your transcript needs to show that you’re preparing for college as early as your freshman year in high school. You can do this by taking four years of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, a Foreign Language, and use whatever extra time slots you have to show off your passions by taking Art or Theatre or Astronomy.

It’s also very important that you sign up for as many AP or IB classes as you can handle. If your school does offer IB classes, then I suggest you go for the IB Diploma Program. If these classes challenge you intellectually, that’s a good sign, but don’t let your GPA take a hit because of it. Be sure to reach out to a tutor if you’re struggling to grasp concepts. This will help you hit or even exceed that 4.01 average GPA that accepted Georgetown students have.

Study for Your Standardized Test

Even though the differences aren’t staggering between the three groups shown earlier, making sure you have a competitive SAT or ACT score to submit to Georgetown plays a critical role in boosting your chances of acceptance. I absolutely recommend you work with a tutor that took home a top score in the test you’re taking to ensure you’re getting the best test prep possible. You should also be sure to practice the 5 Whys and develop good study habits to make sure your ACT or SAT scores are the best you can earn.

Make Your Extra-curriculars Count

Of the 1,914 students accepted to Georgetown, 937 brought extensive community service and volunteer work with them. That’s eight times more than any other activity reported. If volunteering in your community isn’t on your list of extra-curricular activities now, then I suggest you start branching out. Selective schools like Georgetown love to bring in students who are already making a positive impact on the world around them. Show that you’re one of them!

Georgetown has held steadily to its 16% acceptance rate for the last six or seven years now and while that makes them easier to get into than the Ivy League, that doesn’t stop this school from being competitive. If this is a school you want to apply to then be sure to keep your GPA up, take AP or IB classes, earn a competitive score on your ACT or SAT, and be sure that you’re making an impact on the world by volunteering. This will make your application stand out and show the admissions committee that you belong at Georgetown.

Do you have more questions about Georgetown? Want to make sure you’re on the right track? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.