coca cola scholarshipHave you cracked open a can of Coca-Cola lately? If not, it might be time to start and not just, because it’s delicious. If you’re looking for a way to afford college, you might want to listen up because Coca Cola scholarship is actually available.

Coca-Cola is responsible for one of the most generous scholarship programs in the country. So whether you’re going to a four-year institution, a community college, or are going for a two-year degree, there’s something Coca-Cola can do to help alleviate the financial burden.


What is the Coca Cola Scholarship?

When Coca-Cola turned 100, they decided to celebrate by investing in 1,400 college students every year. Cool, right? It’s a commitment they haven’t let up on. There are scholarships for students interested in attending traditional four-year universities and students currently enrolled in community colleges. Award amounts range from $1,000 to $1,500 for community colleges and $20,000 for four year institutions.


The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is for high school seniors who are heading off to a four year university. It’s a $20,000 renewable scholarship awarded to 150 students every year. You can apply from August to October 31st of your senior year. The whole process takes about six months from application deadline to actually announcing the awards. If you make it into the regional finals, you’re guaranteed $1,000 as an educational stipend.

You’re eligible to apply if you are:

  • Currently a high school or home-schooled senior attending a school in the United States or select DoD schools
  • A U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, U.S. Permanent Resident, Refugee, Asylee, Cuban-Haitian Entrant, or Humanitarian Parolee
  • Going to graduate on time when you apply for the scholarship
  • Plan to attend an accredited U.S. post-secondary school
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA at the end of your junior year

Keep in mind that if your parents or grandparents are officers or owners of Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-Cola Company, Company divisions or subsidiaries then you cannot apply for this scholarship.

If that doesn’t apply to you, here’s what you need to gather to complete your application:

  • High school transcript
  • School profile and code
  • Contact information for your principal and guidance counselor
  • Clubs and organizations you participated in
  • Honors and awards you’ve received
  • Volunteer work
  • Paid work experiences (having your current resume on hand will speed up the application process)

The application specifically asks about the following clubs and organizations, so if you have these in your background, be sure to include them:

  • School activities: such as academic and honor societies, class officer, school newspaper or literary magazine, school yearbook, student council
  • Performing arts: specifically drama, theater, dance
  • Debate, forensics, or speech
  • Music: band, choir or vocal, orchestra
  • Visual arts
  • Athletics
  • Other: anything else that doesn’t fit in the above categories

Probably one of the great things about this scholarship is that it’s not need-based so you won’t have to submit any financial information when you’re filling out the application. Letters of recommendation and standardized test scores aren’t required either. There are no essays for this scholarship application. It’s honestly as simple as filling out this sample form. Make sure to be thorough, because you’re being judged only on this form. If you need help planning and strategizing for college, we offer an incredible College Consulting program that will help take the pressure off.

Note: The deadline for 2016 applications is usually October 31, but has been extended to November 15! Get your stuff together and apply here!


coca-cola-leaders-of-promiseCoca-Cola Leaders of Promise

Now this scholarship takes a little bit of explaining. If you click on any of the links on the Coca Cola scholarship webpage, you’re taken to a fraternity website called Phi Theta Kappa. Don’t worry, it’s not a glitch! Although Coca-Cola funds this scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa is in charge of it and decides who gets the awards. They’re a fraternity especially for students earning an associate’s degree.

You can apply for this scholarship if you:

  • Are a new Phi Theta Kappa member in good standing (find your chapter here)
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.5
  • Have completed between 12 and 36 semester hours (remedial and courses in clemency status do not count)
  • Do not have a previous associates or bachelor’s degree
  • Are enrolled for at least six semester hours for both fall and spring
  • Are a legal resident (read here for acceptable kinds of citizenship)
  • Don’t have any suspensions, probation or other disciplinary action on your record
  • Don’t have a criminal background or if you’re a convicted felon, you’ve completed all the conditions of your sentencing (like probation)

You can start applying for this scholarship on March 1. The deadline for all materials is May 2. If you’re selected, you get $1,000 to use towards your college education! You can apply for it here when you’re ready.


coca-cola-community-college-academic-teamCoca-Cola Community College Academic Team

This scholarship is specifically for students attending community college, which makes it very rare. Maybe you don’t know where you want to go yet, don’t have the resources to start out at a four-year university, or your career requires a two-year degree. Community colleges are amazing and this is one of the rare scholarships you can use for them! Phi Theta Kappa is also behind this scholarship and has the same application process. You can check it out here.

You’re eligible to apply if you are:

  • Currently attending a community college
  • Nominated by the college’s president

Sounds simple enough, right? The awards are divided up into three separate categories and go like this:

  • Bronze Scholars: 50 students who each receive $1,000
  • Silver Scholars: 50 students who each receive $1,250
  • Gold Scholars: 50 students who each receive $1,500

If you’re awarded one of these scholarships, you also receive a medallion to celebrate!

Coca-Cola has invested in college education. Whether you’re heading to a four year university, a community college, or pursuing an associate’s degree, Coca-Cola has a scholarship that can help take the edge off the price tag. Compared to other scholarships, the application is easy and essay-free, so it’s a welcome reprieve from the writer’s cramp you’ve developed. With the rising costs of education, scholarships like these will help your make college dreams come true. Think about that the next time you crack open a can of Coke.

Now it’s your turn. Are you thinking about applying for one of these scholarships? Are there others you’re curious to learn more about? Tell us in the comments below!