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The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was on the video:

It is Neha, with College Shortcuts. I hope you're doing amazing today. Happy happy happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week, which is really exciting.

I was doing some thinking today, and one of things I wanna talk about is - what does it take to be a top student?

So many times we're wondering what does it take? What is the difference between an A student? Or a B student? Or a C student? Or a D student? I'm here to tell you there are some major differences.

What is the number one thing that makes the biggest difference between a top student and not-so-top student?

Its habits. Sitting in my meditation this morning, and it just came to me that its all the habits we form as a student or as a teenager that can totally change the way we are as adults.

One of the biggest things I hear all the time is "My student is a B student" or "My student just doesn't perform as well as everybody else," and I'm here to tell you that habits are everything.

For example, let's say you are you have a teenager and they just don't have the habit of wanting to study, or they don't have habit of when they come across something hard, they try really hard to learn more about how to be better at it, or wanting to learn, or grow, or do things like that.

I'm here to tell you one of the biggest things is about these little habits. After working and going to over a thousand homes in the last 12 years, I'm here to tell you that there are some significant trends and patterns with a top 10% student versus a student making seasoned B's.

One of the top things, number one, is when an A student or top student doesn't understand something or doesn't get it, a top student will FIND A WAY TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET IT.

So let's just put is this way - they have a habit of being resourceful.

Yes resourceful, meaning they'll go talk to the teacher, they'll find another student who's doing maybe better or at the same level, and get their notes.

They'll find a way to learn how to be better at what they need to be, to get the top grade. That is number one when it comes to being a top student.

They are absolutely resourceful wanting to get involved in the process.

Number two -  their willingness to practice discipline in their life.

Sometimes people will say "Okay, I'm just overweight, it's just how it is, this is just how i'm gonna look" and that's it, right? It's a story, same thing happens when we tell our children, or parents will say about their kids, "My kid is just a B student" or "My student just doesn't do well on tests", or whatever else it is. They like to label them or give them a story.

Now I'm not saying every student can be an A student, but I'm telling you as someone who does run a tutoring company and who does see what top students do, and how they get the shortcut, or break past everything, that you absolutely can coach, shape, and affect the way a student is in terms of doing well in class.

I'm here to tell you that one story may be like "Oh, this just my genetics, I'm just not smart," or " I just don't know how to do this," or "I hate this subject," and that's totally fine, you can believe that.

I'm also here to tell you that you can also say "I'm going to push past this" or "I'm going to try this differently and see what I can do to be even better."I'm here to tell you that absolutely there is a way of definitely making sure that you have a different story around your learning, and that's one of the biggest things that teenagers that are at the top have.

It's currently the growth mindset versus the stuck mindset, right?

A stuck mindset will say "Well, I'm just not good at the subject" or "I can't do this."

A growth mindset will say "I absolutely can do this and I will be trying to be better at what I'm doing."

That's another thing in terms of habits. It's like having a habit that says, "Okay, I am totally going to a better and I'm going to try and I'm gonna move forward."

I just wanted to do a little video just to share that. You know, you may have a story around your student.

Maybe it's  they can't get into an Ivy league, or we can't get into a top college that, you know it may be just a story you're telling yourself or your child, and that it may not actually be accurate at all, because a lot of times we put limitations not just on ourselves, but as mentors and parents.

I'm here to tell it doesn't always have to be such a limitation. It can be something more like,"You know what. Let's figure out how to learn how to do this better or let's get the best resources," and it's just the same thing with losing weight. Okay well I think I've tried everything.

I have students that will say "Oh, I've done everything to try to well on a test" and or "I've done everything to try to well on specifically my SAT or ACT" and then i'm like "What have you done yesterday?"

I was talking to a mom and I said "Okay, well what is your child doing in terms of test prep?" and she was like "Well, she was going to a group class once every two weeks" and I said "So, she's going to a class an hour-and-a-half twice a month to do well on the SAT?" I said "Let me just tell you something, why don't you just take some hundred dollar bills out of your purse and throw it into the toilet and flush it?" She goes, "Why are you saying that?'

I was like "Look, I'm the coach, to be really honest with you, because I want your kid to do well. I care. I'm just here to tell you you're wasting your money you know. "

I've never seen anyone drive ourselves doing one thing twice a week. It's all about the habits, and it's all about the discipline, and it's all about breaking it into pieces.

Today I sent out a massive email to my happy little list about this coach I have on my team who scored perfect scores on the GMAT the LSAT the SAT and the ACT and have had over ten years of experience at Princeton Review. We're now booking him like bananas, and if you are interested definitely message or comment below.

If you are looking to get to that next level with your PSAT score sophomore year or junior year, your test for SAT or ACT, or for beyond college, I'm here to tell you that like this mom thought she had the right strategy or thought she was putting right habits in place, but let's put it this way - doesn't your kid go to school everyday and do a sport everyday or do an activity more than once every two weeks? Why do we treat the college process as something that we just put off or put off test prep or do it every once in a while?

Academics is a sports guys. Top students make it a sport, and they have the habits the discipline and the growth mindset to get them there.

Anyone that I've talked to, these top entrepreneur who runs massive businesses will all say "If it's not scheduled in, or if I don't have reminder set, it just doesn't happen."

So here's my question to you - what have you done to schedule in?

What do you need to get done for the college process for your child?

Have you scheduled in meetings?

Have you reached out to the resources?

Have you reached out to us to see how we can serve your family or customize a plan you?

Have you figured out test prep? Or are you one of those students or one or one of those parents that waits till the last minute and then hopes things are available or begs people to get in on certain things?

Because I'm here to tell you that the top performers in the world, they booked in advance, so if you want to, share this video. This came to me in my meditation this morning.

I think about each and every one of you.

I say a little gratefulness prayer to everyone in the morning. About how thankful I am to get to connect with each one of you.

I just wanted to reach out and ask,  "Where are you in the process? What are you doing?"

Because the difference between a top student or a top parent and just like the other parents or the other students, it's habits.


Breaking it into chunks, then breaking into smart goals that are smart, easily attainable, and so much more.

I hope you're having an amazing Wednesday. I just wanted to share that with you because I know so many times parents will ask me,"Neha, what's difference between me and the other mom that you worked with or me and some of those other moms that you worked with that are really good at getting things done? How do I do this better?"

Well, I've walked into a thousand homes where there are the parents I've seen that do well with teenagers. These are the teens that do better versus the other teens that don't.

I see it over and over, and there's a pattern to success.

There is a set of habits you can have and set of choices you make to do well.

I'm here to tell you you know a lot of you guys probably followed on my weight-loss journey. I'd done a video in my car the other the other day about how I hadn't been to the gym in a month and how hard it was. I'm here to you I've lost 3 pounds in the last week, just by getting back on track.

I'm here to tell you yes, those first sessions are always the hardest. Yes, sometimes you have habits and discipline you don't even want to do, but it's about getting that grit and about really making sure that you are taking it to the next level.

When it comes to your child, and for your child to learn those skills, when they grow up they're going to have to do things they don't want to do and they're going to have to learn to be disciplined and make choices and create habits and use a planner and schedule things.

These are all things, you know as a parent, why aren't we also instilling that for our kids?

I'm here to tell you all the top ten percents across the nation that are doing well as students, they have incredible habits.

Why don't we get that in for your child now when it comes to the college process which starts in eight grade, onwards?

Please share where you're at and let's just have an open conversation about what you're struggling with.

What is it that you wish you have more knowledge about or what is the question you have for me?

I'd love to know because I will be doing Facebook live videos, and I will make sure that I answer your question and acknowledge you in them moving forward, so definitely comment below and let me know.

Have an awesome day, bye.

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