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A Student Who Got Into Their Top Choice - Opens Up And Tells Her Secrets

College Admissions

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Look - what I do is highly confidential..

A lot of people are SCARED to admit they hired me...

So - I want you to LISTEN to this interview - as we changed the name of the student and no video - totally worth listening to on the way to work.. or dropping your kids to school...

Curious about a student that is attending their number one school - and what the feel in hindsight after getting a consultant?

Listen to Shelly, a student in college who was in high school last year...

She was stressed to the MAX - taking 14 AP tests, dealing with her parents breathing down her back on the applications, and being in the top 2%..

She talks about the major secret that a teenager WON'T tell you - on WHY they procrastinate - it's GOLD!

She talks about how to overcome this...

She talks about how exciting it was to find someone that cared and understood her...

She talks about the high school experience and how it can transition to college..

This is a must listen for ANY parent - and totally worth forwarding on to your teenager as well..

If you like it - comment below your FAVORITE part!

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