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Secrets From College Admissions Directors

College Admissions

The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was on the video:

I just talked about the importance of understanding the 9-step process and the 5-step process that only welds a few of their hours.

First, was understanding the deadline straight from the admissions directors mouth, not mine okay. You should know what you're dealing with.

Second, is they love the essays, whether you do the long approach or the short approach, you decide. Usually this one gets in a lot easier, faster.

I've talked about the importance of deadlines and talked the importance of the essay. The third thing I want to talk about. I'm like wondering if I should share this because it was like totally told in private. Let me really decide if this in the right place to do it. I'm going to share it.

One of the big things I talk about a lot in my master class is about the amount time that admissions directors have to review the essay and the application.

Now, what most people don't realize is that there is an admissions team and committee that decides if your kid gets in. For some universities they spend less than seven minutes on an application, but for some they staff heavily. They'll have upwards of 25 to 30 minutes per application spent. They'll have two readers checking everything.

If you think about it, if someone is spending 30 minutes on your kid's application, let me tell you a little something - they check all of their mail.

They check all the pieces your kid is sending in.

They look for all the errors.

Is there a period in the wrong place?

Did they space the sentences in the wrong way?

Do they put too many spaces?

Do they put the wrong college name?

How was the grammar?

What do all the pieces look like together?

How is this an attractive candidate?

What is in it for the college to take your kid?

I'm here to tell you that if they're spending this much time. They are trying to build a diverse student body. When I say diverse, I mean they want different kinds of kids.

They are not looking like for example, let's say these are "A" students, these are "B" students. Okay "A", "B", and maybe some average students alright. Pink is "A", blue is "B", let's see, teal is "C."

Let me tell you something, did you know that many top universities could literally build an entire freshman class with all "A" students? All "A" students, they could literally just keep doing this. All the valedictorians around the world.

This is not what they're looking for, because they want to build a diverse student body. Let me tell you something, straight from someone's mouth. "If we just accepted students based on test scores and GPA, it would be an algorithm and we wouldn't have jobs."

If you think that your kid can't skip any of these steps to write their essays and get in, you are in so much trouble when it comes to the college admissions process. It takes all of these steps.

I'm here to tell you why do I do this, even at night time, because you may not know this - I had 20 drafts for my main essay.

Yes, to get a degree from a college like this. I did 20 drafts.

Do you know how exhausting that is when you're a top student? Plus all AP's and honors? That's exhausting.

It is a lot to do with why I built the shortcut way. All these five steps, where a coach can just help you get to a final draft and know what to do.

I mean it's like saying, "You know what honey, let's bake a cake together. You know what the eggs, let's just get a chicken. Let's hope that when the chicken comes, it'll eventually create some eggs, and then from those eggs that we've made, we can then use them into the dough that makes the cake."

You can either go this route or take every single step on their own or you can literally cut your time for all of the essays by 90%.

Over here with someone who knows what the admissions directors want.

I wanted to share this with you today because I am so passionate about make sure that our kids can get through this, enjoy their senior year, and before you get an empty nest, you get to instill all the values you want in your child.

I hope everyone out there that is listening to me will at least call us or message me your phone number because I want to talk to you.

If you're watching my videos and you're interested in what I am talking about, it means that you are thinking about it, this is sitting in your brain.

If you are sitting there and mulling on it and mulling on it, mulling on it, and not taking action. It is just creating so much of this clutter in your brain. It's just non-stop clutter.

All of this is sitting in your brain and not just yours by the way.

It's in your kid’s brain.

This is what your kid feels like about the college admissions process but you have no idea. They're just shrugging you off being like I'll get it done later the deadlines are December, whatever.

I'm here to tell you there's a reason why you're watching this video. I am sick and tired of parents that are procrastinating. So tired of it, because I literally just finished the draft.

I'm not kidding, got this text from this mom. It's amazing she said "Unbelievable unbelievable I got called. My sister got the call. She was floored. She was "Oh my god, mom is in tears, how amazing you are."

"What you've done for my child is nothing short of extraordinary. I'm reading his common application essay and I frankly had no idea that some these feelings were something he actually felt. It is so clearly healing for him to even get it on paper. I can't wait to share the world about how worthy and amazing you are. I started to cry so much because what you did, no other person has ever done for him before. I'm so grateful as I am. I can't believe, I have no words to express how grateful I am. You know my child really amazes me. I know he's going to do great things and you are empowering kids to find their greatness. You truly have a gift. I had no idea that everything I was doing for him. He was actually listening."

I just have to tell you that those are my top three tips about understanding what an admission director wants. If you want to just keep this posted all over your to-do list, please keep doing it.

But, if you really want to get this off your plate, understand we can do this in less than three weeks. Less than three weeks. No more of these steps.

Guys, I did all of these steps.

It's exhausting.

No more steps.

Get it off your plate.

I hope this provided some insight for you to understand that your kid dreams are literally in your hands. It's up to you to take charge.

I'm here to make sure your kid's dreams are possible.

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