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How Michael Got 300K In Scholarships

College Admissions

Hi Friend,

I can’t help but share this story. This student holds an incredibly special place in my heart.

I remember when he walked into my office. He was a few inches shorter (welcome to puberty), and unsure how to apply to college.

He had heard from his dermatologist that I was the secret that got her son into his dream college.

Yes, dermatologists can’t even help it but share it with their clients when they go in, because I made their life easier as a parent.

Michael was very confused about the colleges he was choosing, how to craft his essays, and how to structure his resume.

Michael was what I call the PERFECT student to work with. He was prepared even though he didn’t know what he was exactly doing, he had an immense amount of experience on his resume, and he was willing to go deep on the essay topics almost immediately.

PS – Tomorrow I am going to tell you about a student who is living her dream.

As we spent two weeks together, he had all 10 applications completed in 2 weeks.

Check out our fun little video together. You will notice he is glowing and so am I in this video.

See, I took him out to lunch after he got into every single college, and I learned that his senior year was the hardest year of his life on a personal level. Want to know what was holding his life together?

He said, “Neha, getting an acceptance letter almost every three weeks starting in September until March is what put a smile on my face this year.”

He told me this over lunch, and I was so glad I could mentor him and talk with him about what he needed to do moving forward.

Now that is the reason I do what I do. To hear a teenager who is having their life fall apart still find a reason to smile makes me so happy.

I remember one of the lines I quoted at my high school graduation, “to know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded.”

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Michael is a reminder of that. Watch his perspective on the admissions process.


Neha Gupta

PS – Tomorrow I am going to tell you about a student who is living her dream.

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