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Love Messages From Our Community

Hi Friend,

Wow. I got hundreds of replies to the last email that I sent you, and more are coming in by the minute. It’s not that I’m surprised to hear from you, it’s just that I didn’t expect so many people to relate to how I felt during my own college admissions process. As I read the responses, I feel more and more touched by your messages. Thanks for the outpouring of support!

This kind of support is what keeps the College Shortcuts family motivated to do the very best we can for each and every child we work with, so we just wanted to share these incredibly moving testimonials with you.

Why? Well, we’re suckers for putting great energy out into the universe – and hope you’ll soon become one of the many families showing us your appreciation!

Straight from my inbox, are these delightful gems:

"I just want to do what is best for my child. I realize that's what your parents wanted too, but, it was helpful to hear your story from your perspective." -Jennifer

"I have visited over ten schools with my child, and honestly I don’t get why they even do visits. They all seem the same. I wish we had put more focus on researching and getting a true sense of the school, so I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars on college visits last minute. Even when you think you are planned, there are still so many moving parts." - Rebecca

"I hoped that my husband would take more time to be involved in the college process. He has been involved with my son’s sports and some academics, and I thought we would have done this together. Trying to get my kid into college has made me feel so stressed. I don't feel like he is involved and I am carrying all of the weight on my shoulders." - Emily

"I thought that I didn’t have to really do much until we got to the college itself when it came to college visits. The college counselor at our high school didn’t mention that we had to do anything in particular .I realize that she is busy with over 400 students, but, in all honesty it seemed like her only involvement in the process was writing recommendation letters and handling transcripts." -Karen, mom of four.

There’s a common thread here, if you haven’t yet picked up on it. Many moms out there are stressed and frustrated and full of anxiety when it comes to the college visit process.

Many don’t realize that if they DON’T figure out this process their kid could be one of the 33% that transfer schools each year.

Yes, you heard me right. 1 out of 3 students transfer to another university because they picked the WRONG school.

Students just aren’t getting the information they need when they visit schools. Instead, they learn about architecture, where they can print documents, and what the dorms look like. These are COMPLETELY irrelevant to you child’s education. I will talk more about this tomorrow – but, I wanted to at least share with you some love notes from the community.

Yours in Success,

Neha Gupta

PS - Tomorrow, I am going to show you how Business Insider made fun of the college tour process… Stay tuned.