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Finances Affected 70% of Millennials’ Decisions About College

College Admissions

Do you remember what your parents paid when you went to college? I remember what my parents paid when I went to Rice University and the prices for tuition aren’t the same as they are now (and it wasn’t that long ago since I am in my early 30s!).

Here are some numbers adjusted for inflation:

In 1987, people spent $39,643 on average after four years. As of 2016, it was $103,616.

Now, what is it?

In 2019, you look at Yale University for example, it’s more than $55,000 a year meaning more than $220,000 by the time your child graduates, assuming they graduate in four years.

The reason 70% of millennials said finance played a factor in their decision about college makes sense!

You need a college degree to get a higher paying job; however, depending on what career you pick after graduation, it may take you your whole life to pay off your education.

Scholarships are becoming increasingly competitive and often, teenagers are just not aware of how they can apply and win money that will go towards their education reducing their post-grad financial burden or your financial burden (as the parents).

Most people know us from our success in helping kids get into their dream school. However, at College Shortcuts, we have helped students receive more than 25 Million Dollars in scholarship as well.

We are not only great at knowing what scholarships and financial aid options are out there, but we also help your child with their college applications. Help yourself and your child avoid the financial stress of paying off college loans.

College is a time for people to grow and develop valuable skills to join the professional world and is NOT meant to haunt you or your child forever because of the interest being racked up on student loan payments every month.

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