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FAQ: The Backstage Pass: Shortcut The College Tour

Hi Friend,

Wow. I can’t believe it. I have launched the Backstage Pass to College Tours recently … so many of you bought it within a few minutes of me sending yesterday’s email. There’s only 10 spots left.

Here are some questions I received that I wanted to share with you… in case you are on the fence.

Question: What exactly do you cover in these interviews?

Answer: Here is a sample of some of the questions we are asking - that are relevant to getting a deep dive view on what you are looking for into a school.

  1. Why did you pick this school?
  2. Which other schools did you want to go to?
  3. What are three words that describe the students here?
  4. How is the culture on campus? Your friends?
  5. What did you do when you applied – your essay?
  6. What were your SAT/ACT scores and GPA?
  7. What are you currently studying?
  8. Is the environment such that you are in a big city, in a bubble, or a small town?
  9. Are there any changes you would make about the college you are at?
  10. What type of students go to this school? Describe them.
  11. Should all kids try to come to this school, or are there certain types that flourish?

Question: How long are they?

Answer: The interviews range from 25 minutes to 35 minutes long. We wanted to keep it to a good length - and they are conversational - so you get a really good sense of what the student is like, and what the college experience is like for them.

Question: How do I get the interviews?

Answer: Go to this page to get the college tour shortcut and we will send out the interviews. You will be one of the first early adopters on the cutting edge of our newest class. Nothing like this has ever been done… before.

Question: What type of schools are you interviewing?

Answer: We are interviewing students from schools like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, University of Miami –it is a top 50 school according to the US News & World Report. And, regardless of if your kid is applying to these types of schools or not, you at least can get a sense of what colleges are looking for, what campuses are like, and what to look for when researching schools.

Question: Can’t I get this from an on campus tour?

Answer: Honestly, no. Your tour guide has a specific script they have to follow, and their main goal is to pitch you. These are the raw interviews. The real tour. The underground tour. The UNEDITED tour. Do you want the pitch? Or do you want reality?

Based on The Bachelorette, Lost, and any other reality TV show there is, people want the authentic, vulnerable…the real deal.

So, I know you may have hesitated.. If you did - I am leaving this open for the next 48 hours…You can get access to all ten interviews at only $199.99.

That is only $19 bucks per college visit. Let’s face it, the average cost for a family to do a college tour is the following:

Three plane tickets ($1000) + Hotel ($200) + Rental Car ($50) + Food ($150) = $1400.

Yeah, that’s quite a deal. $19.99 for information you wouldn’t even get on that ONE tour, or $1,400 per tour and 2 days of your time.

The average cost of a ten college tour is roughly $10,000 with an entire family. So, let me make this easy for you at $199.99. It’s barely a round-trip plane ticket.

So, since this is revolutionizing the way students can really get a sense of what a school actually is, I am releasing it to you TODAY at $199.99.

You can go to and we will send out the interviews.

This is the underground college tour you have wanted when you visited. This is the interview that you need to hear.

33% of students transfer schools. Don’t let that twenty thousand dollar mistake happen to your kid. Get the interviews today. Forward this to a friend!


PS - Don’t forget to sign up and get access to these interviews - I am telling you, even being over a decade in the business, I learned something from each and every student that I interviewed!

PPS - Trust me, that is saying a lot for an overachiever - that I still learned something from EVERY single interview. Get it now.