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Arizona State University Score

If you’re considering applying to Arizona State University, you’re going to need to know what ASU SAT or ACT score they want to seriously consider you for acceptance. Not only that, be sure your GPA is in line with ASU’s requirements for admission. So what scores do you need to be accepted into ASU?

What Minimum Scores Do You Need to be Accepted to ASU?

Before we get to the scores you need to impress ASU, let’s take a look at the bare minimum needed to be considered. There is a minimum SAT and ACT score, and GPA to be eligible. Please keep in mind that while these are the minimum, I recommend you go higher. I’ll explain why later, but for now, let’s look at the ASU acceptance rate.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for ASU is 60.9%, which makes it very accessible for many students. It has been ranked as the most innovative school in the country by U.S. News. This means it’s consistently beaten out more exclusive schools like Stanford and MIT in terms of being progressive with its approach to educating its students.

Admissions Requirements

In order for ASU to accept your application, you must meet certain curriculum standards. When evaluating applications, ASU looks for the following:

  •    Four years of English that is composition or literature-based
  •    Four years of math including the completion of algebra I, geometry, algebra II, and one class requiring algebra II as a pre-requisite
  •    Three years of laboratory science with one year each from biology, chemistry, earth science, integrated sciences, or physics
  •    Two years of social sciences including one years of American history
  •    Two years of the same second language
  •    One year of fine arts or career and technical education

In addition to curriculum requirements, ASU also requires applicants fit one of the following:

  •    Be in the Top 25% of your graduating class
  •    Have a 3.0 GPA in competency courses on a 4.0 scale
  •    An ACT score of 22 for Arizona residents, a 24 if you’re a non-resident
  •    An SAT score of 1040 for Arizona residents, 1110 for non-residents on the 2400 scale


  •    An SAT score of 1120 for Arizona residents, 1180 for non-residents on the 1600 scale

For the standardized tests, the writing portions is not required for the redesigned SAT or the ACT. You will also need to pass their competency requirements; meaning you have to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in each of the areas listed above. There are some exceptions to this requirement and I definitely recommend checking out the above link to see if you’re eligible.

How to Improve Your Chances of Being Accepted to ASU

I suggested earlier that you should aim high when applying to ASU. Even though the required ASU ACT and SAT scores, and GPA are listed and their admissions policy are relatively open, colleges admissions is increasing in competitiveness. Even though ASU is not as competitive as other schools, aiming higher increases your chances of being admitted. I want you to have the best chance possible of being accepted to ASU. So I don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to your application and the scores you’re submitting. With that in mind, let’s talk about how we can increase your chances of getting into ASU.

Let’s talk numbers.

  •    Average ACT score for someone accepted into ASU is 26
  •    Average SAT math score is 617
  •    Average evidenced-based reading and writing score is 609
  •    Average GPA is 3.3

This is slightly higher than the ASU required scores for admission. What does this tell us? That viable candidates are surpassing these requirements and you should, too. Here are my two tips for increasing your chances of being admitted into ASU.

Find an ExpertIt’s a nation-wide trend. Colleges are becoming more and more selective about who is admitted. This puts a greater stress on you to be at your best during high school and applying to college. Because of how complicated and stressful applying to college can be, I encourage everyone reading this article to work with a college consultant rather than trying to figure things out on one’s own. I know you’re smart and like to do things yourself, but a college consultant will help you navigate the hoops in the admissions process and help you identify schools that fit your needs.

On a similar note, if you’re having difficulties is any of your classes or are confused about how best to prepare for the standardized tests, I encourage you to find a tutor for your classes and/or for the ACT or SAT. If you are strapped for cash and can only pick one, invest your money in the test prep and ask you teachers for help on your classes. Your teachers are there to help you and, believe it or not, want you to succeed. If you’re shy about asking questions during class, see if you can meet with them before or after school so you have a little extra privacy. It also shows your teachers that you’re serious about doing better.


I know it’s really tempting to blow off that paper so you can hang out with your friends. Learning to prioritize can be really tough. Who doesn’t want to hang out with their friends instead of writing that history paper? Break down your bigger projects so you’re working on them a little at a time. Same goes with studying for tests. This way you’re not cramming all at once and stressing about not having enough time. If you do decide to hang out with your friends, make it for a couple of hours as your break from homework. Then go home and get back to work. Or get all of your work done first and then hang out. It’s all about prioritizing. If going to college is your goal, there are going to be times where hanging out with your friends can’t happen. Having your degree is worth it.

The ACT and SAT scores, and GPA requirements make Arizona State University a moderately competitive school. Although their minimum requirements are easily attainable, I encourage you to aim higher. With college admissions increasing in competition every year, it’s important for you to do everything you can to make yourself a viable candidate.

What are your thoughts on ASU? Are you more interested in applying after finding out it’s the most innovative school in the country? Concerned about the admissions process? Leave a comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!