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5 Essential Study Skills

Learning to study is a process. Practice these five study skills to improve the quality of your study time.

Experiments have determined that the best study method is to study for about half an hour and then take a five minute break. The study time period may be extended based on what you’re studying and how much time you have. Remember to take breaks! It’s important and will help you remember and process more information.

If you have multiple tests, study for one subject until you feel you aren’t getting anything out of it. Take a quick break, then switch subjects. Studies show that studying a different subject is similar to taking a break from the previous subject.

Always choose distributed learning over cramming if given the chance. This means don’t procrastinate! Study a few days in advance. There are times when this may not be possible because you have multiple tests to study for. But if possible always do this! Don’t put it off.

Quiz yourself! This is the best form of studying. Simply reading the information or recognizing it (multiple choice setting) is not enough. You truly know the material if you are able to recall it. This can be done by reading a page and then summarizing it in your head or on paper, or by doing the “end of section” quizzes in your textbook or workbooks.

Make flashcards! This is best for studying vocabulary, which is prevalent in science, English, history, and language classes. The only class that this is not as useful for is math and physics, in which the most effective method of studying is practice problems.

Try to use as many of these study tips as you can when you study. They have helped me since middle school and even through college and hopefully will do the same for you!

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