Note cards are an effective tool to use when trying to memorize vocabulary or quick facts. Below I have written some tips on how to develop the most efficient note cards.

1. Color Code

Color code your note cards to help you distinguish different categories for different words, concepts, or phrases you may be studying.

2. Make your note cards short, sweet and to the point.

Note cards are a way for you remember the term you are studying. Writing a paragraph for each word is not going to be helpful. Though it may be necessary to memorize paragraphs of information for a single word or term, only write keywords to help you remember everything else.

3. Make your note cards ahead of time!

Making note cards the day before an exam makes them useless because they are tools to help you memorize throughout a long period of time. So the night before is not sufficient amount of time to get the most use of your note cards.

4. Practice, practice, practice

Make sure you are making use of your note cards. Spend 15 minutes a day with your note cards to fully internalize these study tools.

With these four tips, you’ll be using note cards to study like a pro in no time!

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