I Want To Personally Welcome You To The College Shortcuts Family!

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You have made one of the best decisions in support of your child's future, and we will be there to guide, support, and cheer you on every step of the way. I am so excited you have decided to join us in this process of transformation and magic!

The first step is to read through your welcome packet ENTIRELY so we can all be on the same page as a team together.

The second step on this journey to success is to schedule an initial pairing assessment for your child with our lead consultant.

We will be here on standby for any questions and are always available if you need anything.

Welcome to the family and we look forward to seeing your success!

- Neha

Please Read Our Welcome Packet To Know What Our Services Include:

If you have joined our mentorship program: download packet

If you have joined our college admissions program: download packet

Please Book Your Initial Consultation:

The Calendar Link to schedule your family's initial assessment is HERE. You and your child should be on this call for your welcome initiation call.

Please remember, in order to get the best welcome experience, this call is for you and your child.

All calls after our welcome call will be only with your child and the paired mentor/consultant.

Watch Video On How Our Services Work - Must Watch Prior To Your Call: