The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was on the video:

Hey everyone, it’s Neha Gupta with College Shortcuts. I hope you’re having an awesome awesome day. I’m really excited.

I’m going live in about three hours with my amazing master class on helping your kid get into college. Just wanted to do a quick live video.

I am in Europe right now. I just finished up working with the students on all their applications. It was amazing! Some of the things that come out of Europe.

The students here and the experiences they have are incredible.

I just wanted to reach out to you. Let you know that I am going live in the next three hours.

If you want to sign-up, just go to You can get in right there.

I just want to say “Hi”. Haven’t seen you guys in a while. I know I’ve been pretty busy with my clients. It is college admissions season for everyone this summer. I hope you’re having an amazing amazing day.

Look forward to seeing you live on my master class. Go ahead and make sure that you sign up. We’ve only got a few slots left.