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Students Say...

I was able to achieve the necessary grades in high school along with high ACT/SAT scores
to attend my top college choice. Not only is she professional but caring and always available for consultation. Her method of coaching cannot be described as anything less than amazing.

Student @ University of Texas

Neha stopped the anxiety in my house. My parents were focused on getting me into a good university. I was under so much pressure. We were all so stressed. Using the strategies helped me to get into my number one choice!

Student @ Appalachian State

I had a few essays that I needed to prepare and this helped me to organize my essays and to know what order I should put my sentences and where I should put different emphasis on. I got into my number one choice.

Student @ Private School

I was, honestly, extremely unorganized. I would not be able to find stuff. I’m finding now that I know how to grasp this process much easier than before. Their tutoring, test prep, and college admissions was amazing. I got so much money in scholarships, and I love the college I am at!

Student @ Top 10 School

They’ve taught me a lot more of how to get through things quicker and how to kind of just eliminate… process of elimination and just to kind of take it on in portions and not get so overwhelmed with the process.

Student @ Top 50 School

I have worked with College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors for over 5 years, and I got over six figures in scholarships. I am sitting in my dorm room right now, and I can tell you, it is awesome!

John James
Student @ Top 20 School

Neha made my entire college process easy and quick. I was able to create essays and a resume that stood out way beyond my peers. Mine essays were much deep in content and more compelling. I got into my number one choice!

Student @ University of Texas

I feel like I can breathe easier. The College Shortcuts program helped me to get so much done in less than 4 weeks. I was able to apply to my top college by working on essays and the resume portion in such a quick time compared to my peers.

Student @ University of Florida

Parents Say...

  • “ College Shortcuts has helped my child grow and feel more comfortable in what she knows. She feels like, “I’m actually learning something". We used them for over four years, and honestly they made applications so easy and fun! My child is now in their dorm room, happy as a clam, and we are barely paying anything for her tuition! ”
    Chris Robinson
    Mom of 2
  • “ The coach is such great inspiration to my child. I just could not find another coach to compare it to. We’ve had tutors and consultants in the past that we’ve hired that didn’t even seem to know the material that he’s currently studying. My son has built some personal rapport with the coaches, and I feel that there’s a real connection. They not only know the material, but my son thinks they better than some of his teachers. ”
    Co-Founder at Imagination Toys
  • “ Can’t speak highly enough about Neha and EPT services. She is always willing to go above and beyond and make you feel well taken care of – she made sure my child got the exact kind of mentorship and guidance he needed. We got exactly the results we wanted. Please note, she is the real deal, and her team is amazing. She literally hires the best people on the planet to work with your child – so make sure to trust the team as they work with your child. ”
    Carla J.
    Los Angeles Area Startup
  • “ I can’t say enough about this company. They have helped out my child when he was a junior and senior in high school.  The coaches were very attentive to my son’s needs in the various subjects and helped him based on his learning style.  I applaud Neha and her ability to match coaches to students. I would encourage a complete package with them to discover the solution in helping any student achieve the skills to earn better grades, and get into the college of their dreams. ”
    Lisa Heim
    Mom of 4 & wife of Top Patent Attorney
  • “ My children LOVE their coach. They actually look forward to meeting with him. I have found Neha, the tutor and everyone here to be helpful, very professional, punctual and well-prepared. You get what you pay for in this world and this is well worth the price. Neha and her staff have amazing academic credentials as well as a commitment to helping families with their academic needs. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend (and I have!). ”
    Kathy Mann
    Mann Eye Institute
  • “ We have used College Shortcuts for a number of years for various reasons. I cannot say enough about how much they helped my children. I was concerned about their rates at first but once I observed the coach, I knew we were getting a bargain. They were very prompt and prepared every time our session started. If you are looking for a quality company whose owner and employees really care about helping students, then you need to look no further. ”
    Sherry Roadcap
    Mom & Nurse Consultant

More Unicorn Family Video Testimonials

Disclaimer: In order to keep the confidentiality of some of our clients per their requests, the names and faces have been changed for these testimonial videos, but they are real stories.


“Wanted to update you to let you know that Cole was accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo! We are so excited and wanted to share the news! Thank you for all your guidance and support.”

“Thank you for all the inspiration. My twin daughters were accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Dartmouth, and GW.”

“I just thought I’d email you an update on my college applications! As of now, I have gotten into 8 colleges and every one you helped me apply to. However, I still am unsure where I will attend. I wanted to say thank you for all of your help.”

“I could not have been successful in this process without your guidance, encouragement, energy, and efforts. You made me feel so supported and were so patient with me, even in my most difficult and inconvenient moments; I cannot even begin to fully express how grateful I am for that.”

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Stanford University
Harvard University
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
University of Chicago
Princeton University
Cornell University
Yale University
Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan
Johns Hopkins University
Duke University
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Northwestern University
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
New York University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brown University
University of Texas at Austin
University of Washington
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Rice University
The Ohio State University

Boston University
Pennsylvania State University
Washington University in St. Louis
Purdue University
University of California, Davis
University of Southern California
University of Maryland, College Park
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
University of Pittsburgh
Michigan State University
Emory University
University of Minnesota
University of California, Irvine
University of Florida
Dartmouth College
University of Rochester
Case Western Reserve University
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Texas A&M University
Arizona State University
University of Notre Dame
University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC)
Georgetown University
Tufts University
University of Miami
The University of Arizona
University of Massachusetts Amherst

North Carolina State University
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
University at Buffalo SUNY
Indiana University Bloomington
Northeastern University
University of California, Santa Cruz
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
George Washington University
Rensselaer Polytechnic University
Stony Brook University, State University of New York
University of Connecticut
Boston College
University of California, Riverside
Wake Forest University
Washington State University
University of Colorado, Denver
Tulane University
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Illinois Institute of Technology
University of Texas
Brandeis University
The University of Georgia
University of Maryland
Florida State University
University of Oklahoma
Drexel University
Lehigh University
Howard University

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