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Executive Leadership

Neha Gupta

Head Nerd & CEO of College Shortcuts

Three-Time Best Selling Author. TEDx Speaker. Founder of College Shortcuts. Rice University graduate. Gupta’s goal is to make parents’ lives easier everyday. Featured as an education expert for ABC, NBC, CBS, and featured on TV, podcasts, radio, and much more for her expertise in the admissions process. Endorsed by Dr. Shefali, the leading parent expert featured on OPRAH, and Tony Robbins as a teen mentor for Global Youth Leadership Summit, Gupta has impacted thousands of teens over the last 12 years. Her proven system and formula has helped thousands of students get into their dream college and 95% of all families get scholarship money. She is relatable, fun, and hip, and has been awarded “Best Aunt Ever” by her niece and nephew, Adi and Anya. She already knows what their college essays will focus on and is excited to do the same for your child.


Director of College Admissions Operations

Nirav was the Associate Director at the University of Michigan and has worked at admissions offices across the country. He is well-versed and has managed thousands of students

More than a decade of demonstrated success in finance, project and performance management, strategic planning, consulting, fundraising / development, and operations roles, with a passion for K-12 and higher education organizations.

An action-oriented leader who collaborates with diverse teams to develop and execute innovative solutions for achieving organizational goals. Reputation for championing bold ideas, driving decisions based on data-driven analysis, and acting with integrity without exception.

He appreciates the role that education plays in empowering individuals and communities, and have deep knowledge of school operations to immediately impact and maximize student outcomes. Honored to shape the lives of students attending our schools, colleges, and universities.


Director Of Academic Preparation Operations

Vincenzo is extremely passionate about helping students achieve academic success. Attending top schools, and one of five siblings, he hails from a top Ivy League institution and has scored perfect scores on all standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, and AP exams. Vincenzo ensures client success and assists in tutoring, test prep, and overall client management.


Chief Technical Officer

Fixes Things That Break. Developer That Gets Things Done. Mother. A ninja at getting any change on the site made, Cecile has over 10 years of experience in technology. She is a front end and back end developer who helps create elegant designs and implements them onto our website.


Chief Data Scientist

Results Driven. Constantly Improving Ads. Facebook Extraordinaire. David helps to ensure the College Shortcuts brand is one of the largest in college admissions on Facebook. Highly technical, he studies data non-stop to ensure that the right messages are getting to our customers. His goal is to spread the word about College Shortcuts to all 4 million families who are stressed about this process every single year.


Chief Marketing Officer

Creative. Brand Innovator. Digital Marketing Genius. Ashley Baxter is a online marketing and communications veteran with 13+ years leading digital strategies. She has served as a trusted strategic advisor for brands like AT&T, JCPenney, Starbucks & Sephora in various digital channels. She makes sure the College Shortcuts brand is consistent and modern.


Client Success

College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant
College Admissions Consultant

We have many incredible consultants trained in College Shortcuts method, this is a sampling of our team. We go through over 1,000 resumes to pick one consultant on the College Shortcuts team.



Marketing & IT

  • Robb
    Software Engineer
  • Ann
    Software Engineer
  • Dave
    Software Engineer
  • April
    Director Of Content Marketing

Consultants And Academic Experts

Our team of highly sought after college admissions experts and academic advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. We take great care to pair each family with someone from our team who can best fit their immediate and long-term needs.

Former Ivy League Students

With First-Hand Experience

Former Admissions Officers

With In-Office Experience

In The
Top 2%

Of Their Graduating Class


Over 250 Years Combined