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Neha Gupta is a top youth speaker, best-selling author, owner of a tutoring company, and helps students get into the college of their dreams.

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Neha is the proud founder of Elite Private Tutors, College Shortcuts, and author of The Four Year Plan. Neha Gupta grew up going to top schools and was the graduation speaker at her high school. She knows exactly what it takes to help students achieve their dreams, gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, and follow their passion.

Elite Private Tutors Featured on ABC News with the Presidential Election

Motivational Speech by Neha Gupta at River Oaks Baptist

Motivational Speech by Neha Gupta at Mommie Series

Motivational Speech by Neha Gupta at Episcopal High School

Scholarship Award Recipient

Elite Private Tutors Award Ceremony

College Shortcuts is excited to partner with World Teacher Aid and part of the proceeds of any purchase on our site will be going towards us building a school in Kenya during October 2017.