The blog post below is a rough transcription of the video above – so please listen to the video if possible – otherwise, here is what was on the video:

Harvard, Yale, Rice, you name it. . . but finally, we scale it at a much lower price point for online education.

A lot of people will call this an EdTech company. . .  and it’s always funny because I never think of myself as an ed tech entrepreneur.

When I think of an ed tech entrepreneur, I think of a white dude, and like blazer and a white shirt, jeans, and really cool glasses.

It’s always kind of funny to me when people are like, “Oh ,you run an EdTech company.”

Really, to me, it’s like I run a company that makes parents life easier, every-single-day.

I still think about every customer even after scaling.

It’s not that because we’re now serving hundred thousands of customers that I don’t think about what their behavior is, what they’re wanting, what is their customer experience, how could make it better? Can we maybe mail them some love note to their kids?

I still think about ways we can do that. Even at a scalable level.