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“…and our amazing team will make your college and academic dreams come true”

About College Shortcuts

In the last ten years, College Shortcuts has single handedly changed the face of the college consulting process.

Too many students these days are stressed, overwhelmed, and just plain panicked about the idea of getting into college. Too many times, these kinds of feelings can negatively impact a child’s learning experience or hinder their ability to achieve a goal – and at College Shortcuts, we are proud to reverse the stressful college application curse.

This is precisely why CEO and Founder Neha Gupta developed the College Shortcuts brand, over ten years ago.

So, what is exactly IS College Shortcuts?

College Shortcuts is a leader in helping your child learn the shortcuts to getting accepted into the college of their dreams. We know that parents, too, become confused about the college process, which is why we work with students and their families to achieve their desired outcomes.

We’ve seen so many parents rely heavily on their child’s high school college admissions counselor, and while their help can sometimes prove valuable, students are not receiving the individualized attention and great amount of time they need to truly knock the college admissions process out of the park.

We have become the ultimate destination for parents to have the help of a professional and committed college consultant, with no time limits, and without the lofty consultant fee.

With the right guidance and support, with the College Shortcuts touch, getting into college becomes a simple, manageable, and easy to understand process – with beautiful results at the end of it all.

Enroll in any one of our digital programs and immediately find yourself at ease. The weight has been lifted. The stress has been minimized. You’ve now felt the College Shortcuts touch.

About our Team

College Shortcuts has put together a team of highly skilled and educated consultants, tutors, and instructors to make your college and academic dreams come true. We pride ourselves on offering support that is individualized, easy to access, and effective.

College Shortcuts was developed as a means to simplify the college application process. We know that the growing list of college demands coupled with the application process can be overwhelming and confusing. We know that there are some subjects in school that you just can’t seem to master, no matter how hard you try.

We know that a little help and a bit of strategy can go a long way – and take the pressure off of parents and students everywhere!

Connect with us today and learn more about how we can help with your kid’s future.

Meet Our Team

The greatest team in the whole world


Neha Gupta

Founder & CEO

Neha’s no-nonsense approach helps students dive beneath the surface of superficial application answers to express their unique story and stand out in the crowd – earning them the education they deserve.

With over 15 years of results-driven, dedicated education advancement, Neha Gupta founded College Shortcuts as a way to help students reach their greatest potential with ease.

Having always used her entrepreneurial skills in the educational space, Neha has helped thousands of students navigate the college admissions and college applications process with her concierge-level service. She has developed programs and strategies that are guaranteed to give aspiring college students the results they desire, in the shortest amount of time.

Speed and efficiency is the name of the game for Neha, and so is lending her many talents to multiple causes. Neha has volunteered with Tony Robbins, Habitat for Humanity, and speaks to students across the country about taking control of their educational career.

Neha is also an author, recently publishing The Four Year Plan, and has had work published in publications across the globe. She is also the owner and founder of Elite Private Tutors, one of the best tutoring agencies in the country.




Rachel has analyzed and overhauled systems for corporations as varied and well-known as Target, Nissan and Tractor Supply Company. She has successfully created results for online entrepreneurs and developers for quite some time now, and serves as a major component to the College Shortcuts brand. Whether providing her strategic insight to exciting new projects or lending her talents to some boring financial analysis, her ability to down and dirty on project management tasks, makes her an integral and necessary part of our team, especially since she has worked in every aspect of the business world.



Editorial Strategist

The most world-renowned writers have editors, so why would you send off your college essays without one?  Susanne, a former middle, high school and college teacher in a New York City and south Florida, earned a master’s degree from New York University in education and creative writing. Believing that the importance of a well-written essay, a student’s one and only chance to come off the page as more than test scores and resumes, often brews unnecessary pressure; Susanne relishes the chance to bring peace to the world by alleviating some of the college application stresses.



Chief Technology Officer

Cecile is the CTO of College Shortcuts. A ninja at anything development related, she has helped to develop our College Shortcuts website, online courses, and any page that you see on this very site. She brings over 10 years of experience to our team, and serves as a front end and back end developer for WordPress sites that helps to ensure College Shortcuts is effectively serving our audience. She creates elegant and original designs, writes code, and offers the highest quality in customer support.



Test Prep Ninja

I’m Alex, and I am a test prep ninja. I earned a perfect score on my SAT as a high school junior and started tutoring for The Princeton Review when I entered college. I have been helping people beat these tests ever since.



Social Media Manager

April manages the College Shortcuts website and social media pages, ensuring that fresh and highly informative content is curated properly to reach our huge community. She ensures the we keep proper interaction with our online followers and sees to it that updates are made regularly.April is greatly passionate about the team’s advocacy to guide and help parents and children in acquiring the best education possible as she herself values it very much

College Shortcuts is excited to partner with World Teacher Aid and part of the proceeds of any purchase on our site will be going towards us building a school in Kenya during October 2017.