Our mission is to help every student find their passion. We package their unique story and pitch them to their dream schools. The result? Admissions officers beg to have our students join their prestigious universities.

Helping Students Find Their Passion

You want your child to be happy, right? Our mentors help assess your student and explore their passions during high school. What happens? They end up with a compelling application, vision for their life, guide by their side, and become the next generation of global changemakers.

Relatable Consultants

No teenager wants to listen to an old school counselor who barely remembers their name, and googles every answer...Right? Instead, we pair them with relatable consultants who are closer to their age and have been through the hardest round of college admissions. Ever.

Expert Pitching To Universities

Our Perfect Pitch Process (™) is world-class in developing your student’s unique angle. Your child is special. We want to make sure their voice shines and admissions officers can hear them.

Social Entrepreneurship

Every student that becomes part of the College Shortcuts community funds a student’s education in Africa. College Shortcuts has built a school in Africa, and plans on building 100 schools around the world by 2030.