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Yes, it is going to be a very fun party here at College Shortcuts!

We are excited to be launching our seven day challenge – and we want to give you a great roadmap for FREE – so download here – CLICK HERE for the FREE PDF.

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We will be doing our launch next week – so make sure to tune into our FACEBOOK page – as we will be doing LIVE videos at 12 PST/2 CST/3 EST Monday-Friday next week – so mark your calendars!

If you CAN’T make those times, please don’t worry, as I want you to be part of this – so please make sure to log on and watch the video of the day!

You may be wondering about this challenge, but I have partnered with thousands of schools, parent organizations, and groups that are excited to share this 7 Day Challenge as it is one of the best for any parent out there wanting to help their child succeed.


Neha Gupta