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“Working with College Shortcuts literally pays itself back in scholarships. We felt so relaxed during this process and completely taken care of while getting our kid into college.”Shilpi, mom of 3



“Neha has worked with my two children through their elementary, middle and high school years. We began working together since Neha attended Rice University- She invests sincere effort in her students & determines what kids need, helps them succeed and encourages confidence in their accomplishments. I give Neha full credit for assisting my son graduate from college- He lacked one gnarly summer school mathematics class to earn his diploma- I called Neha late one evening, and first thing the next morning my son had a dynamite tutor who worked with him via Skype daily to earn a B+ in the class and graduate with his Finance degree. Service and caring at this level is difficult to find- I am grateful to know Neha and have her bestow her positive influence in my kids. Having known her since the start of the company, I am telling you that this is your go-to girl for all things tutoring and college admissions related. Both of my kids are successful, motivated, hard-working, and driven because of her – and trust me, they were strong-willed and often did not listen to me. Call them up, and book them fast, because I bet Neha will continue to grow and it will be hard to keep up with the demand.” – KJK, wife of top real estate investor, Aspen, CO



I have known Neha for many years and she is a wonderful coach and person. She is constantly striving to increase her knowledge to benefit parents and children. I have known her for over 12 years, and it is clear that she is passionate about what she does and her team is incredible. This is the go-to for any help you need and I highly recommend them every time!” –Kavita Sahai, MBA from Berkeley, wife of top Orthopedic Surgeon



Neha and the staff of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors are  extremely dedicated to her clients. I have known Neha for almost 8 years and with her help, I was able to achieve the necessary grades in high school along with high ACT/SAT scores
to attend my top college choice. Not only is she professional but caring and always available for consultation. Her method of coaching cannot be described as anything less than amazing.” – Michael Cisarik, current student at University of Texas Engineering



We were very grateful and appreciate of Neha Gupta’s aid in the College Application process in terms of essays.  My daughter felt very confident and secure with the final results and was able to submit her school applications quickly! She knows exactly what to do, and doesn’t drag the process out like other companies. We looked into a few of the top companies nationally, and even one stop shops, and I am SO glad we decided on College Shortcuts. Her team was able to handle an extremely sensitive subject matter in her essays and even heal my daughter of many things she was dealing with in high school by mentoring her. If you are shopping around, stop. This is the place to go, and they do run out of spots quickly. I ended up having to pay a lot because I waited so late into senior year so if you are a MOM and you are getting a special, book immediately!” – Maria Elena Salhuana, top realtor in Texas



I worked for Neha’s company when it was just beginning a few years ago.  I can tell you she is hard working in both building in her business as an independent woman and her work towards building a student’s future.  She has maintained students for long periods of time simply due to her attentiveness and her team’s attentiveness to a student’s learning abilities and being able to form lesson plans and exercises around his/her learning preferences.  I have seen her answer calls from distressed parents first-hand, and move schedules in order to get help for their kids with the appropriate tutors (based on the student’s need).  She does not take her work lightly, and does her best to work with parents and children.  I highly recommend her and her company to any of my co-workers children and will continue to do that in the future.” – Rani Aggarwal, top auditor at BDO USA, LLP, Texas



This was recommended to me by the academic dean of Episcopal High School. My son seems much more self-motivated, much more able to just down to business. He is very focused. His goals seem very concrete, and I’ve seen a lot of maturity in him. Not only has this all improved, but really, in my opinion, that’s secondary to the increase in his confidence that comes from being well prepared and organized and feeling like you are on top of your studies. There is just such an increasing confidence and that, to me, is the greatest benefit that he’s received. 

If I ever have a problem, I call College Shortcuts and EPT and it’s handled immediately. I’ve had very good experiences with what I have encountered and my child is now at their dream college. I have four children all at private school, and I will tell you that they are worth every single penny.” – Kris McGee, mother of four and wife of top lawyer, Florida



I knew that Neha Gupta came highly recommended from the high school that my child attends, and so I called and hoped with all great aspirations that they would be able to pull him through anything he needs, and she did.

The wonderful thing that I find for my child is that it’s a very positive role model because they’re very close in age. They’re not like another much older adult, and my child relates a lot to someone who’s fairly close to his age, and it makes a big difference.

He became a lot more confident, and he experienced more assuredness in his ability to perform. It just checked him. The ownership of his grades has made such a difference that it’s brought the organization as well to the table. That’s become important to him because instead of me telling him or his teachers telling him, he’s seen the results of why and so now he owns it. Now he is at his dream college, and their help with mentorship, essays, and test prep is unbeatable. I shopped around, and I tried other companies out and even fired them after paying full pricing, and still Neha goes above and beyond with her team of consultants. Don’t go anywhere else.”Lisa, mother of three, Chicago, two kids at Top 20 US schools



It’s interesting that you bring up the fact of price. As far as I am concerned, if it is about my child’s education and getting the best out of an education for my children, then price is no matter for me. So, for me, once we found this and there was an instant connection, it was a no-brainer for me to use this irrespective of the cost.

Actually, in my instance, there was a, I guess, a life situation as we suffered the loss of my wife in June 2011. So, my high school daughter was transitioning in school all the while dealing with a personal, a very personal struggle of the loss of her mother, which caused her to struggle initially in school. But once again, when I found this, I saw a resurgence in Jasmine’s academics and her joy of learning returned. And I could tell immediately, after just the first session, that Jasmine had returned back to her old self. And Jasmine, subsequently, ended up in honors at the end of the year after really struggling at the beginning of the year. And, now she is at her dream college, and I really have to thank this company. Neha also has lost a parent, and her level of empathy with her coaches and team and clients is unbelievable.”Michael Williams, Vice President at Frost Bank, Texas



I have known Neha and her work with EPT and College Shortcuts for years.

This woman is amazing! She worked with 2 of my children and gave them so much confidence when applying to colleges.  Her staff is extremely professional and it is an honor to work with her. Looking forward to working with College Shortcuts and EPT again for my other 2 children!

UPDATE: I called up College Shortcuts again to help with my step-child who was applying to Medical school – and her team was AMAZING at updating the essays – just call!” – Loren Slocum Lahav, international speaker, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, top sales director at Juice Plus, and event coordinator at Tony Robbins International



We have used Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts for a number of years for various reasons. I cannot say enough about how much they helped my children. I was concerned about their rates at first but once I observed the coach, I knew we were getting a bargain. They were very prompt and prepared every time our session started. They always dressed professionally (even when I said “it’s over 100*, you can wear shorts!”).  The coaches were intuitive to each of my children’s needs and found the best way to work with each of them.  In fact, when we moved to the Lakeway area outside of Austin, my children were elated when we found out they could skype with their coaches now. There was never any problem to cancel if something came up at school or if the tutor had something unexpected come up, they always called to say they had someone who would fill in for them or we could reschedule. My son had a terrible 9th grade Geometry teacher so we found the textbook online and thanks to the coach, my son is on track and in Alg 2 this year. If you are looking for a quality company whose owner and employees really care about helping students, then you need to look no further. And, of course, for applications, this is the best place to go.” – Sherry Roadcap,  Nurse Consultant, Illinois



I have been a customer of Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts for several years and highly recommend the service.  Neha Gupta, founder and CEO, has been a wonderful mentor and tutor for my oldest son during these years, when I hand picked her to work with my child. Keep in mind, working with her as the CEO, she is a pretty penny, but we could afford the services, and we wanted her.  Her work, and the work of her other coaches, has been stellar, particularly with helping my son edit his papers and get organized for exams.  Neha’s steadfast interest and focus on my son have been critical to my son’s success through both middle school and high school.  Her dedication to him on a personal level has been phenomenal.  Much to EPT’s credit, I am now using EPT services to provide the same caring and dedication for my younger son, who just entered middle school this year. In addition, she has gotten my oldest son over 6 figures in scholarships and he is now attending his dream college. I can’t recommend this more to families – and while the services can be expensive, it’s your child and their education.” – Holly Anderson, wife of legal judge, Texas



Neha is an excellent teacher and a role model for children and has great insights into the college admissions process. I give her high recommendations.”Rakesh Agrawal, graduate of Rice University, founder of SnapStream Media, Texas



We have been using this for the past few months for our two children. What a great resource! Neha really cares about her clients. I spoke to her team personally before using her company and she really hand-picked our coach to meet our needs. Well, it worked! My children LOVE their coach. They actually look forward to meeting with him. I have found Neha, the tutor and everyone here to be helpful, very professional, punctual and well-prepared. You get what you pay for in this world and this is well worth the price. Neha and her staff have amazing academic credentials as well as a commitment to helping families with their academic needs. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend (and I have!).”- Kathy Mann, wife of Mann Eye Institute (over 10 locations), Texas



I have a son who’s a freshman in high school, and we currently have him enrolled 3-4 times a week for 1.5 hours in AP Human Geography, Geometry and Biology. My son was failing Geometry and was going to have to take it over the summer, so we called them and they came in and prepped him for his final exam, which lead him to score high enough to pass Geometry for the entire semester. We’ve had tutors in the past but Elite Private Tutors is completely above the level of tutors we have received. My child thinks some of them are better than his teachers. They provide you with feedback and a report that tells you the progress that your child has made, the amount of time spent a particular subject, which gives us the ability to look back and reflect on what needs to be done with the nest course of action. In addition, we used College Shortcuts for our college application help, and my son got over $75,000 dollars in merit based scholarship, when in reality, we had the money. This company is amazing, and I highly recommend them to all my lawyer friends.” – Justin B., lawyer at major law firm, Texas, child at top Ivy League School



I know Neha personally and have worked with her one on one from a business standpoint. I cannot speak highly enough about her. Her business ethics and knowledge as a business person is beyond most. Most importantly of all she is really concerned about the clients and students she works with. She really has a mission to help parents and children with their education needs.  She has a purpose for her business and a purpose for her life.  I highly recommend her and her company.” – Chris Reynolds, founder of The One Effect and The Entrepreneur House, Barcelona, Spain



College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors are amazing organizations and very professional.  I have known Neha through her work with the Tony Robbins community and her character is unparalleled. She is dedicated to her clients, consistently finding innovating ways to reach parents through her knowledge of the college process.  She has incredible empathy and the ability to reach children where they are and bring them forward. She has spent time with my own children and have inspired them to find their passion as well as involve them in activities to mentor them. She has been coaching for over 16 years, and as a mom of three, I vouch for her company and college consulting program. She has helped quite a few moms I know across the country to help with their children and have gotten them into top universities.  She is simple amazing woman to be around and I am certain of our future with her on our team.” – Gail Donnelly, top seller of Young Living Oils, Chicago, IL




“College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors are extremely well-run as companies. They are very committed to their students, but, furthermore very committed to the success of their students.  The instructors are all very intelligent, knowledgeable, and come fully prepared for EVERY session.  I highly recommend them!” – Lidiya Sizonova, CEO of Jam Packed Mobile App Development Agency, NY




I have been working with Neha Gupta’s companies for over a year now. I have been so thankful for meeting her and the clarity that has come from dealing with this business. She is passionate about her work and I am so excited to be able to use her new book with my twins admission into college. I highly recommend this company.” – Miki Knowles, national Food Stylist at foodstyling.com, Orlando, FL



Neha Gupta helped stop the anxiety in my house. My parents who are incredible entrepreneurs were very focused on getting me into a good university. I was under so much pressure and we were all so stressed out during this process. Using the strategies helped me to get into my number one choice, and I recommend it highly for any teenager going through this process.” – Nicole, current college student at Appalachian State University, Asheville, North Carolina



EPT and College Shortcuts are amazing companies. I have never seen a coaching company with such a high level of commitment to their students. All of the tutors I have met have been intelligent, knowledgeable on the field, fun to be around, great at getting your kid into college, and they genuinely care. The level of one on one and attention to make sure you’re totally cared for time is amazing! Highly recommend them! So many people want to bargain and find a cheap solution – but it is your CHILD’S FUTURE. Bargain on shoes, but don’t bargain on this.” – Christa Clark, web developer, Washington



I can’t say enough about this company. They have helped out my child when he was a junior and senior in high school.  The coaches were very attentive to my son’s needs in the various subjects and helped him based on his learning style.  I applaud Neha and her ability to match coaches to students.  I believe they strive to help students feel confident in the ability to work through any issues they seem to have in subjects, college applications, and more.  I would encourage a complete package with them to discover the solution in helping any student achieve the skills to earn better grades, and get into the college of their dreams.”Lisa Heim, mom of four, wife of top patent lawyer, Texas




Can’t speak highly enough about Neha and EPT services. She is always willing to go above and beyond and make you feel well taken care of – she made sure my child got the exact kind of mentorship and guidance he needed. We got exactly the results we wanted. Please note, she is the real deal, and her team is amazing. She literally hires the best people on the planet to work with your child – so make sure to trust the team as they work with your child.” – Carla J, assistant of major startup, Los Angeles, CA



Neha and the staff of College Shortcuts and EPT are extremely dedicated to her clients. I have known Neha for almost 8 years and with her coaches, I was able to achieve the necessary grades in high school along with high ACT/SAT scores to attend my top college choice. Not only is she professional but caring and her team is always available to do a consultation. Her method of coaching cannot be described as anything less than amazing.” – Michael J, current student at Columbia University, Tennessee



“Honestly, I thought I was either going to have to take a year off, or go to community college in order to get into a four year university. College Shortcut’s entire program helped me to get into a college that I barely had grades for.  I had average grades around C’s and B’s in high school and not very strong ACT scores. Their tips on writing essays, the resume, and everything else was amazing. My mom didn’t have the time to do this – and honestly, I am glad, because the coaches are so cool.”Jos Slocum, top seller of Juice Plus, student at Ole Miss, Massachusetts



“I feel like I can breathe easier. The College Shortcuts program helped me to get so much done in less than 4 weeks. I was able to apply to my top college by working on essays and the resume portion in such a quick time compared to my peers. I was extremely stressed out, and the back and forth with my family had been challenging, but I am so thankful for the ability to be so honest in this program. I felt that I could really write about private and confidential matters and open up to the admissions committee.”Sammy Lahav, student at University of Florida



“Working with College Shortcuts has taken away a lot of the stress I would have had to deal with. Determining on my own what to put in my application made me very nervous. I feel very confident in the essays and what I wanted to say, and that I am important and my story is important in getting me into college. I feel that being able to really see other essays in the program, and understand the differences of what is good for applications and is not good was really helpful. Honestly, the level of stress I was under was debilitating before I started working with College Shortcuts, because I knew I could do it.”-Kaitlyn, daughter of an owner of a top construction company, studies at an Ivy League School, North Dakota



It really helped me with my organization around the entire process. I had a few essays that I needed to prepare and this helped me to organize my essays and to know what order I should put my sentences and where I should put different emphasis on. I got into my number one choice.” – Noah Penny, junior attending private school and son of A Woman’s Work, Texas 



They’ve taught me a lot more of how to get through things quicker and how to kind of just eliminate… process of elimination and just to kind of take it on in portions and not get so overwhelmed with the process. Being organized is really important. I wasn’t very organized before this, and now I can stay on top of everything. Their test prep is awesome and my college admissions essays were great.”Katey, current student at Top 50 School, Michigan



My name is Brett. I’m busy with many other activities, even so, this works around my schedule, so I’m able to do both of them at the same time. This gives me some homework over the span of a week or so between session by session, and I do that work along with everything else, but even though that I have extra work, it does not interfere with anything else that I do.

I was, honestly, extremely unorganized. I would not be able to find stuff. I’m finding now that I know how to grasp this process much easier than before. Their tutoring, test prep, and college admissions was amazing. I got so much money in scholarships, and I love the college I am at!” – Brett, graduate of Top 10 US College, Oregon



“Hi. My name is John James Anderson, and I’ve greatly enjoyed the service. It’s always been friendly coaches that have come and help me through my applications and helped me just to raise my grades in general and help me gain confidence about school. And whenever I feel I’m down on something, they can always help me bring it back up. I would recommend this to whoever needs someone to help them along and help them achieve more. I have worked with College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors for over 5 years, and I got over six figures in scholarships. I am sitting in my dorm room right now, and I can tell you, it is awesome!” – John James Anderson, Top Computer Science student at Top 20 School, Vermontch



“My name is Natalie. I have a son, who is a senior in high school. College Shortcuts and EPT is exceptional in so many ways. They’re punctual. She’s professional. The coach is such great inspiration to my child. I just could not find another coach to compare it to. We’ve had tutors and consultants in the past that we’ve hired that didn’t even seem to know the material that he’s currently studying. My son has built some personal rapport with the coaches, and I feel that there’s a real connection. They not only know the material, but my son thinks they better than some of his teachers. We used College Shortcuts for college applications, and the whole thing was done so fast – it was amazing. My husband and I had no idea what we were doing, and honestly, having this reassurance made me sleep better at night.” – Natalie, co-founder of Imagination Toys, Texas



“My daughter was so stressed and pretty much in tears every night because she knew where she wanted to be academically. She’s comparing herself with her friends, and it’s so easy for them, and it’s so hard for her. She didn’t understand why. She was actually the one that came to me and said, “I need a coach.” Which, I was all for.

Since working with EPT and College Shortcuts, Katie has matured, whereas before, at the beginning of this year, she had a tendency to shut down as far as her schoolwork when she couldn’t understand anything, or when she was having trouble with something, she didn’t know the direction to go into. Since working with this program, she’s become more confident in herself. She knows that she can do the grades, she sets goals for herself, an increment at a time, and then she’ll work till she hits that. Then she’ll set a higher goal. She now knows that she is and has always been goal-oriented. This has just allowed her to set realistic goals, when she meets that goal, raise it up a bar and keep going.

College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors has helped her take what she’s learned, and as she understands it more, it’s made her grow and feel more comfortable in what she knows, she feels like, “I’m actually learning something. We used them for over four years, and honestly they made applications so easy and fun! My child is now in their dorm room, happy as a clam, and we are barely paying anything for her tuition!” – Chris Robinson, mother of two, Las Vegas



“I feel like Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts caters primarily to the students looking for a little bit more than just your standard coach can offer. I feel like they go well beyond the call of duty to find a specialization in that student’s needs. Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts, I feel, offers a mentoring service to each of the students. Where, they would strive to do their best, and they would want to improve because they really want to please and impress the coach to get to that extra top level that, perhaps, a parent may not be able to encourage them to do because they get so tired and bogged down with coming home from sports, all the social activities. And perhaps they have that special niche of encouraging the student to want to achieve their best, and go above the level that they would personally do themselves.

With the expertise of this company, I’m so proud to report that our son was accepted to the University of Texas Petroleum Engineering Department.” – Marian Cisarik, Tri Delt, Certified Academic Language Therapist, wife of top oil executive, Alabama



“Neha literally made my entire college process easy and quick. With her team I was able to create essays and a resume that stood out way beyond my peers. I also had the chance of reading a lot of other essays and realized that mine were much deeper in content and more compelling. Working with Neha’s program, I got into my NUMBER ONE CHOICE. I am a top student in my high school, and have participated in a few activities while in high school. I honestly can’t recommend any other program better than this one. Don’t hesitate MOMS.” Vikram Seth, student at UT McCombs Business School


Video Testimonials


Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts were both the same company in the last few years. Many of these videos are shot from a long time ago, and they refer mostly to Elite Private Tutors. Neha Gupta, decided to create College Shortcuts as a national and global brand for better brand recognition. All the tutors that are referenced and services, are related to both companies, and many of these families tutored with us and eventually worked with us as well in college admissions.