It happens to all of us – for some reason or another, maybe not enough time preparing, a late night sports match that ran long, bad luck, we all have received a bad test score one time or another. What should you do after receiving a bad score on an exam?

  1.    Confront your bad test grade.

It is critical that you confront your test. Look at it and review your mistakes. Most of us have the tendency to want to shy away from a bad test score and perhaps even pretend that it doesn’t exist. However, ignoring the test doesn’t make the problem go away! Most likely, poor test scores are the result of a lack of understanding over a certain topic. It is critical that you look over the test to see what types of problems tripped you up, so you can go back and review them before your final exams.

  1.    Get help.

Be it from your teacher, a friend, or your tutor, find someone who can help you go over the test to see where the areas for greatest improvement are. There is no reason to hide a bad test score from your teacher; they already know what score they gave you. There is also no reason to hide the score from your tutor; all of us have received a bad exam score at some point during our educational careers. Utilize the resources around you, so that you can improve your understanding of the material, and do better on the next exam!

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