Hi Friend,

As the owner of Elite Private Tutors and College Shortcuts, we run a tight ship here.

I wanted to ask you a quick question:

Have you noticed how when you go to your high school and get the opinion of the college counselor…. most high schools talk in general terms, or shoot the @#$@#$ with you generally about your kid.

Most counselors didn’t go to Cornell or Johns Hopkins or Rice.. because, let’s face it, they wouldn ‘t be at your high school working as a counselor.

Instead, we give you the real deal. You know, the person you want your kid to be like later on?

So, here it is – I am offering YOU something… We want to DEEP dive into your kid and create a CUSTOMIZED…PERSONALIZED plan for them instead. Consider it… your high school college counselor/test prep counselor on crack. And then multiply it by 100.

If you are wanting to get access to my exclusive team and get a FULL assessment for $299 with one of the top 2 coaches on my team…. this is what is included:

1. Curious why your child lacks drive and motivation?

2. Game Plan of EXACTLY what you need to do

3. Where your child ‘s strengths are

4. Where your child’s weakness are

5. What we truly believe needs to happen to get into a top college

6. What your kid is currently doing WRONG to get in

These assessments are conducted by 2 of my TOP consultants on my team who have scored in the 99% of the SAT/ACT, have worked with hundreds of students (yes…I poached them from a massive company where they have been trained and have gotten students into every Ivy League), and have multiple years of experience…. and know how to customize an exact strategy.

Because the truth is, your kid is NOT common. They are unique. Yet, every high school counselor treats them like the same kid as last year… and the common app looks boring and DULL.

But, you didn ‘t birth something boring and dull. You birthed a Unicorn.

So, here are next steps to work with us – we have only 10 slots left and my account team has been calling and setting these hot cakes every single day.

Ivy League Level Consultant ONE ON ONE with your kid – it’s Gold. Whether you work with US or not, at least you got that mentor in there for ONE HOUR to know EXACTLY what needs to happen.

Want it? You gotta grab it now baby!

1. Send $299 through the secure portal here:www.paypal.me/collegeshortcuts

2. Email me at neha@eliteprivatetutors.com to schedule your appointment and I will hand it over to my scheduling team.

Once we fill all 10 slots, we will complete our assessments for this round. This is a special price, so get on it now as it expires in 48 hours.

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