My Step by Step Guide to Get You Into Your Dream College




Elite Private Tutors is an amazing organization, very professional.  I have known Neha through her work with the Tony Robbins community and her character is unparalleled. She is dedicated to her clients, consistently finding innovative ways to reach parents through her knowledge of the college process.  She has incredible empathy and the ability to reach children where they are and bring them forward. She has spent time with my own children and have inspired them to find their passion as well as involve them in activities to mentor them. She has been tutoring for over 16 years, and as a mom of three, I vouch for her company and college consulting program. She has helped quite a few moms I know across the country to help with their children and have gotten them into top universities.  She is simply an amazing woman to be around, and I am certain of our future with her on our team.