College Admissions Consultant

Jennifer is dedicated to seeing students succeed and meet their goals by encouraging them to pursue their passions and be themselves. She was raised on a farm in upstate New York with limited resources, this is where she learned the meaning of hard work and how to create opportunities when others would sit around and complain. Jennifer believes & lives out taking action when others sit on the fence. Over the years, serving others has become one of the most fulfilling aspects of her journey. Former Admissions Counselor, turned Independent Consultant and homeschool mom she knows that people are most successful when they have vision and purpose. She has a gift of helping people see the bigger picture and end goals to bring about change in current situations to cultivate long-term success. With her experience as an Admissions Counselor within State University of New York schools, Jennifer has insider knowledge of the college admissions process and even maintains relationships with former advisees because she truly cares about her students results. She has a Master’s in Counseling and a story behind how she got there, but is now 15 years out on life’s journey. She has journeyed to various states with her husband and 4 children, now landing in Connecticut. Jennifer’s husband works at Yale and she stays home to educate her children and pursue her love of College Consulting from home. Jennifer desires to help illuminate your path (from freshman in highschool to adults going back to school to pursue an advanced degree) by providing you with goal setting, realistic expectations, and assistance in choosing paths forward for long-term success.

*Live Simply, Love Fully*