College Admissions Consultant

I’ve had four years of experience tutoring different math subjects for private clients and can adapt teaching methods to accommodate to your students learning skills. Concerning SAT/ACT prep, I’ve had many years of experience helping students prepare for each exam, and I have developed curriculum to help your student improve their scores. I have been able to compile the best strategies to help your child achieve the highest scores that they can.

In regards to learning center tutor experience, I have tutored for 3+ years. In learning centers such as Kumon Learning and the Creative Learning Center located in Pearland, I have helped students learn math and reading comprehension. For some individuals, I was able to meet with them biweekly to work on their exam reviews and homework.

As a third-year college student and recent former high-schooler myself, I understand the struggles a student must face and am willing to be flexible to your needs! Scheduling shall be a breeze as I am only a text or email away, and I am available for contact throughout the night and day. I hope to help your child excel in their education and hope to make a difference!