Neha Gupta trains students how to nail the college admissions process

Neha Gupta is the author of “The Four Year Plan” and travels the country teaching college admissions.

Neha Gupta is the author of the book, “The Four Year Plan” and she travels the world training 50,000 teens and parents each year.

She has helped students get into their top three choice colleges year after year and a team of mentors that work with students on achieving their dreams.
She shows kids how to find their passion, stand out in the crowd of applications, and create a portfolio of accomplishments that impress colleges and employers. 95% of students get into their top choice and she has helped thousands of students get into the top 25 schools in the country. She also speaks to thousands of parents each year to bring them up to speed on how to have a game plan for success for their kid.

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Neha’s speeches include tips on college admissions and the way to shine in the college application process. She gives separate speeches to parents and students that includes dozens of examples they can use for standing out in the college application process.

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“Neha’s real experience with college admissions is related to all the students. She is authentic and real and completely relatable.”
– Lisa, Mom of 3

“Hearing Neha speak about the college process made it seem less stressful and overwhelming.”
– Matt, High School student

“Neha’s AIM formula breaks the college admissions process down into chunks for all parents and students to succeed.”
– Shilpa, Mother of 2

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College Shortcuts for teens and parents teaches these tips

  • Real examples that teens can instantly use
  • How to stand out in the crowd
  • How to beat the competition
  • How to learn what college admissions directors want
  • AIM Formula – three step process
  • Teens learn that finding a passion is crucial in the process
  • How to get involved in your school and community
  • How grades and test scores matter but so does the overall picture
  • How to stand out in the sea of applications

Neha teaches kids and parents the inside secrets of the college admissions and inspires them to dream bigger for their future. She shows students and parents her AIM formula by using practical examples they can use to always stay at the top of the pile in the college admissions office.

What does it cost to have Neha speak to our school?

Please refer to the top video on the page to understand Neha’s pricing and how she works for speaking engagements.

Do you speak to parents? Or just kids?

Kid’s Format: We provide an action packed 35-45 minute assembly for kids ages 13-18. Usually these assemblies are dependent on the school schedule
Parent Format: Later that night we provide a parent session. In this meeting we provide the same information that we shared with kids, however the parents receive 1-hour of extra content and questions. We will go through our AIM formula to ensure all parents understand the nuances of the college application process.

Do you speak to large groups of kids?

Yes, we speak to groups as small as 10 people and assemblies up to 4,000 kids at once. Neha is a very dynamic speaker that runs around the room to make sure and engage each kid in the room during her talk.
Some schools have up to 2,000 students and they divide the assemblies into about 750 students per speech.

What does your topic include in your speech?

100% of Neha’s speech is based on college admissions and finding your passion. She goes through a few counter-intuitive tips that help kids realize their mistakes can affect their chances of getting into a good school.
Then she quickly moves into the positive side of being an engaged community member and taking ownership in your life. She shares with kids that finding your passion and presenting yourself well can make all the difference. Neha shows real examples of students who have succeeded in getting into their dream college and how to do this for every student.

What are the steps to bringing Neha to our school?

  1. Please fill out our form to request Neha to visit your school.
  2. Neha’s team will then send you a link to set up a phone call with our team to evaluate your needs.
  3. Neha’s team will send you a set of available dates and a price estimate.
  4. Once you accept the estimate/proposal, Neha’s team will send an invoice for you to forward to your district/accounting team.
  5. Then Neha’s will schedule with your team a “College Admissions Makeover” for a volunteer upperclassman at your school to use as a positive example in her speech.
  6. Neha’s team will coordinate flights. Typically a school will schedule a hotel for Neha (since they usually have a great deal at a local hotel).
  7. Neha will schedule a final call to verify all final details and send you a checklist to set up her microphone and technical requirements.

What types of technology do you need?

Neha arrives about 1 hour early to larger speeches to allow for the set up of her laptop and testing her microphone and running through a few slides.
Neha brings an Apple Macbook Air with her slides.
Neha needs your organization to provide a projector (or a large TV/monitor) that has HDMI, Lightning or VGA connections to the Mac laptop.
If the speech contains over 75 attendees, Neha requires a microphone. A lavalier/lapel microphone (shirt-mounted mic) is most desirable, but a handheld wireless is sufficient also.
Wifi signal is optional: Neha’s presentation doesn’t require the internet, however a Wifi username or password are a nice backup plan.
Laptop audio – Neha’s only audio needs is her voice. She doesn’t run any audio from her laptop.
Remote control – Neha brings her own Logitec clicker that will work up to 100 feet away. Usually, if her laptop is set up in a sound booth (back of room) the window is opened and her laptop is placed near the window so it has “line of sight” to the transmitter.
If you can have a technical person there to assist Neha as she’s setting up his laptop (and testing out her microphone) that would be terrific.

Do you know of a local speaker that can visit our school in our city?

We travel the whole country! If our budget doesn’t meet your needs, please consider sharing our email tips on our front page with all of your teachers so they can use our content for free. We make this available for everyone nationwide to help kids get into their dream college.

See what others say

“Neha’s real experience with college admissions is related to all the students. She is authentic and real and completely relatable.”
– Lisa, Mom of 3

“Hearing Neha speak about the college process made it seem less stressful and overwhelming.”
– Matt, High School student

“Neha’s AIM formula breaks the college admissions process down into chunks for all parents and students to succeed.”
– Shilpa, Mother of 2

Does your organization have their own specific message? Neha can incorporate it into her talk.

About Neha Gupta

Neha’s no-nonsense approach helps students dive beneath the surface of superficial application answers to express their unique story and stand out in the crowd – earning them the education they deserve.

With over 15 years of results-driven, dedicated education advancement, Neha Gupta founded College Shortcuts as a way to help students reach their greatest potential with ease.

Having always used her entrepreneurial skills in the educational space, Neha has helped thousands of students navigate the college admissions and college applications process with her concierge-level service. She has developed programs and strategies that are guaranteed to give aspiring college students the results they desire, in the shortest amount of time.

Speed and efficiency is the name of the game for Neha, and so is lending her many talents to multiple causes. Neha has volunteered with Tony Robbins, Habitat for Humanity, and speaks to students across the country about taking control of their educational career.

Neha is also an author, recently publishing The Four Year Plan, and has had work published in publications across the globe. She is also the owner and founder of Elite Private Tutors, one of the best tutoring agencies in the country.

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