College Shortcuts Is Passionate About Global Educational Initiatives

Watch the video to learn more about how College Shortcuts helped Village Impact build a school in Kenya.

Social Entrepreneurship

We believe that children around the world deserve a change to succeed. At College Shortcuts, for every student that works with us, we fund a student in Africa. Our goal is to help underserved communities go to school.

The Future Is Female

As a female, minority founder, Neha Gupta believes that females are the leaders of tomorrow. With our ever-changing beliefs around women, Gupta believes that empowering women and being a role model for teens will help the next generation of leaders.

Raising The Next Generation Of Global Changemakers

Whether students are in the US or around the globe, College Shortcuts believes with the right communities, educational opportunities, and motivation, a child can dream big and fulfill their goals in life.

Purpose Drives Fulfillment

With over 58+ years, spanning over 4 generations, Neha Gupta has been passionate about education since before she was born. She believes that success is more than just getting into a good school and getting a good job. It is about living a passion-filled purpose that drives the next generation to make change in the world.