Personal Video from Neha

Personal Letter from Neha Gupta, Founder of Dream Makers Facebook Private Community:

Because 2020 is the year of VISION for College Shortcuts, I have decided to continue on my quest of serving over 1 million students in the next 10 years.

One of the biggest comments we have received from parents and students like you is wanting more access to me. To be honest, I was nervous about launching this, as this has been a thought in my mind for over 2 years.

I am going to be launching a beta community within the College Shortcuts family, and I want you to know about it first since you are part of my tribe.

I typically take on clients and charge upwards of five to six figures to work with me throughout their high school career and I typically only take on 5 students per year max with everything else that I do to run College Shortcuts.

Because 2020 is the year of VISION I want to serve you by creating a special, exclusive beta community on Facebook. This community is for families that have a student with the class of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond. This is my way of impacting more families directly and sharing my vision, my passion, and more. To be honest, I have loved all that we do at College Shortcuts, but the one thing I miss is my direct work with families. This company was started on me walking into over 1,000 homes one on one with families, and being connected with community.

In order to serve at a higher level, this beta group will be my way of connecting more deeper with you no matter where you are in the world.

This Exclusive Private Facebook Community will be called:

College Shortcuts - Dreamers

Here are the details of the community:

  1. A strong community: The parents that reach out to us are smart parents with smart kids, who are driven and typically are the smartest moms and dads across the country. You will become part of an exclusive PRIVATE community where you can really share what is going on with you and have a supportive group of families who can support each other in a collaborative experience. You can ask questions and there will be privacy where families can support each other deeply and in more connection than anywhere else on the internet. There is so much support for parents with young kids, but there is a major drop off for parents of teens. This will help you to have that support you can’t find in regular school communities or public groups.
  2. Neha’s Tips On College Admissions and How To Navigate Middle School and High School: One of the biggest things that most families want is direct information from me. I will be preparing a lesson every month in the group that will give you my latest insider tips on this process. With the intense changes in 2019, I need a space to get raw and real with you about what really needs to happen to support your family in this process. I will also be incorporating teachings around self-development, time management, soft skills, mindset and personal development.
  3. AMA: Ask Me Anything: One of the biggest issues in college admissions is that most of you have guidance counselors who do not answer your questions, or don’t have the time to do so. Instead, in this group, I will be doing an AMA video where you can ask questions and I will answer them as your college consultant as you navigate this process with your child.
  4. Surprises: Everyone loves surprises - we will be offering perks, special offers, and want to introduce any of our latest launches that we do within the College Shortcuts brand - for this special tribe. I will also be offering fun giveaways and more. We never offer discounts on our services at College Shortcuts, but this group will be getting special deals.

Now, I want to let you know, I typically charge $3,000 for this much work with a client. Because I am wanting to serve more at a price point that is affordable for families, at $97/month each month.

I also only want families that want to really be in this group, so if you don’t like the group, you can shoot us an email and give us written notice that you want to cancel 30 days before cancelling with us. That way, if you aren’t wanting to be part of it, you can always cancel and there’s no obligation. I am doing this group out of the goodness of my heart to ensure that you are supported in this process with each other and focus less on competition and more on collaboration to rise as a global conscious community around this process.

Because I want this to be a high performance community, I will also ask for your feedback on topics you want me to cover so I am best serving you. You will get to be part of a beta launch and it will be incredible. If this group is amazing, I will also be u are considering putting together a live event where I will invite all of you to join as well. And, if you miss any of the lessons or sessions, I will make sure you have them inside the Facebook group to ensure you are being taken care of no matter what your schedule is.

2020 is the year of vision, and specifically, community and connection for me with this beautiful tribe. In a world of divisiveness, competition, stress, and anxiety, I invite you to a new way of being and connecting. I want you to know you aren’t alone in this process.

We speak to thousands and thousands of parents that all have the exact same pain, and my goal is to alleviate this pain and frustration, create a beta group that can solve this for you, and do it for only $97/month.

This group is for the unicorn families out there.

If you are interested click the checkout button below and you will get added to this FB group.

Looking forward to connecting with you in a deeper way,

Neha Gupta