Dream School Retreat

A Private Retreat Hosted By Neha Gupta, Founder Of College Shortcuts

YES! I want in for my kid



Instead of sticking your teenager in some ugly ballroom, our goal is to create the most powerful environment for creativity that will help them to create essays that stand out in the application process. We know how much environment matters when it comes to pouring your heart out on paper.

Complete The Common Application

We know how long and intense college applications can feel. What would it feel like if you could get your main common application that goes to every college done in less than 4 days with a world-class team?


You will have access to Neha Gupta's Entire Vault of Knowledge: Resume Shortcuts, College Shortcuts, Essay Shortcuts, Interview Shortcuts, Scholarship Shortcuts, How To Pick Your Major Shortcuts, Backstage Pass Course, signed copies of Neha's books, and all of our guides in the college admissions process so that you have everything available to you within your fingertips.

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