College Shortcuts has a reputation and legacy that spans over 57+ years. The total number of students served over four generations: 83,238. College Shortcuts has a goal to impact 1 million lives over the next 20 years, and build 100 schools by 2030.


1961 - Thakur Das Aggarwal Primary School is Built

Neha Gupta’s great, great grandfather built this school and Neha Gupta’s mother attended this school.

1965: Gauri Datt Aggarwal Girls High School Is Built

Neha Gupta’s great, great grandfather Rameshwar Das Saraf purchases land and builds a high school where 300 girls in Rewari, India attend.

1995: India RDS Public Girls College Is Built

Neha Gupta’s grandfather Amarnath Aggarwal builds school where 800 girls attend yearly with bachelors and masters programs.

2001: USA Employment Is Created

USA Employment helps bring teachers from overseas to work in underserved communities in the United States by Neha Gupta’s mother and father.

2002: Elite Private Tutors Is Created

Neha Gupta starts Elite Private Tutors in Houston, Texas and tutors over 1,000 students with her team all over the city.

2004: College Shortcuts Is Born

Neha Gupta starts to help students get into college and has great success.

2007: The Four Year Plan Book Is Released

Neha Gupta teams with her team of consultants to write a book that maps out 9th-12th grade for students to learn from top performance experts.

2010: College Shortcuts Launches Online Programs

Neha Gupta launches her online courses and thousands of parents join her program to help get their kids into their dream school. College Shortcuts is now globally accessed by families around the world.

2012: Graduation of Dreams is Held at Rice University

Students come to Houston to be awarded for their special gifts and talents.

2016: The College Shortcuts Guidebook Is Released On Amazon

Neha Gupta releases her best-selling system to help families get access to college admissions information.

2017: College Shortcuts builds the Ndaho School in Kenya

Neha Gupta builds a school with a classroom named “The Gupta School of Dreams” after her late father, Vijay Gupta.

2018: College Shortcuts lands a TEDx

Neha Gupta speaks on stage with the topic “Is Achievement Killing Us?” and garners tens of thousands of views.

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