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Modern Technology For Today's World

The biggest mistake parents make is researching online forums and blogs, staying up at night trying to get the information they need. With our software, we give families more than enough data all in one place in their fingertips so they can focus on the important things in the process.

All-In-One Dashboard For Easy Updates

Within your custom dashboard we work together to keep track of what really matters for your child. You can schedule consulting calls, get notes from past sessions, set reminders for deadlines and important dates, track test score requirements, and much more with the click of a button.

Get Results Driven By Data & Merit

At College Shortcuts, we leverage a robust database to crunch the numbers and determine your child's likeliness of getting accepted their to dream school. Compare schools, map their locations, check acceptance rates, track tuition costs, check student population stats, and more 24/7 in your personal dashboard.

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How We Mentor The Leaders Of Tomorrow

At College Shortcuts, we take pride in helping students get accepted into the college of their dreams based on merit and passion. We take the following steps to support families along every step of the way.

Step 1

Deep Dive Assessment

We do an in-depth assessment to truly understand every aspect of your student - one on one.

Step 2

Pairing Mentor To Mentee

We know that chemistry matters and our pairing process is hand-crafted to ensure the perfect pairing.

Step 3

Vision Setting

Visions that excite your child to take their dreams to the next level on their own.

Step 4

Analysis Of Academic and Test Scores

Scores get you in the door. We help with course selection to how to effectively manage time and get the best grades and strategic plans for the PSAT/ACT/SAT.

Step 5

Experiential Learning

Find the best extracurricular activities in school, outside of school, and summer that will make your child stand out and have a unique admissions angle.

Step 6

Finding Your Passion

We help students find their passion early.

Step 7

Make An Impact

Colleges are looking for students who give back, get involved on their campus, and show impact during their academic career. We find unique opportunities and hold your child accountable in making an impact in their community.

Step 8

Mindfulness Training Resources

We know that there has been a 22% rise in stress, anxiety, and suicide for children between 13-22 years old. We offer resources, mindfulness audio tracks, and partnerships with mindfulness coaches if your child needs stress reduction. We know how to make students top performers without burnout.

Step 9

Leadership Opportunities

There is nothing that builds grit, resilience, and confidence more than leadership roles early on in your child’s development. We help to create leadership opportunities for your child to stand out.

Step 10

Summer Planning

Summer is one of the best opportunities to find unique summer camps, internships, classes and more. Our mentors help to create custom experiences so your child develops their passion and can infuse their dreams into their applications.

Step 11

Monthly Reporting

All of it is tracked in our proprietary software that you can login and see details from every call.

Step 12

On-Demand Consulting

Tired of waiting weeks from your high school guidance counselor to send you a bunch of google links to your questions? Have Consultants available 24/7 by email to answer your burning questions.

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