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Within your custom dashboard we work together to keep track of what really matters for your unicorn. Your unicorn can get notes from past sessions, set reminders for deadlines and important dates, track test score requirements, and much more with the click of a button.

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At College Shortcuts, we leverage a robust database to crunch the numbers and determine your unicorn's likeliness of getting accepted their to dream school. Compare schools, map their locations, check acceptance rates, track tuition costs, check student population stats, and more 24/7 in your personal dashboard.

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How We Mentor The Unicorns Of Tomorrow

At College Shortcuts, we take pride in helping unicorns get accepted into the college of their dreams based on the dreams and vision for their future. We take the following steps to support your unicorn every step of the way.

Step 1

Academic Guidance

We want your unicorn to know which classes to take, how to manage their time, how to stay motivated, and build their academic profile.

Step 2

Extracurricular Guidance

In order to keep your unicorn unique, our consultants will build a customized plan of extracurricular activities in school, outside of school, and summer plans that will make your unicorn stand out and have a unique admissions angle later on.

Step 3

Community Service Guidance

There is nothing that will make your unicorn stand out more than giving back. College Shortcuts has donated over $60,000 towards Virgin Unite and Village Impact for global educational initiatives. We love teaching unicorns the power of perspective, giving back to their communities, and coming up with creative ways to do this to ensure they are unicorns who are pushing humanity forward.

Step 4

Leadership Opportunities

Unicorns who take charge always stand out. We will find unique ways for your unicorn to take leadership opportunities either in school or outside of school to ensure that they learn the skills and traits of a leader to lead them into the next chapter of their life.

Step 5

Finding Your Unicorn's Passion

We will ensure your unicorn is aligned with their passions in life. We know when a unicorn is super passionate about something, you can barely get their attention to do anything else. We use that energy and channel it into their passion. This lights them up and get excited about their future aspirations.

Step 6

Capstone Project

One of the things that is missing in the education system is how to help your child stand out. College Shortcuts creates a custom capstone project that is based on your child's interests and passion. It is customized to every single student, and it helps to develop the unique angle for the admissions narrative, so that all students are unicorns in our program. We create projects that range from starting businesses, speaking on stages, creating apps, and much more.

Step 7

Summer Planning

While most unicorns may want to play on Instagram or Snapchat, we want to have them fully immersed in activities and camps that make them step away from technology and fully experience their summers. Students come back from summer activities finding their passion, igniting a new level of energy for the school year, and excited to start the next year with a fresh start!

Step 8

Session Recap In Dashboard

While all of our consultant calls are done between the consultant and unicorn, we want to make sure our unicorn parents are in the loop. In our software, we will consistently update our notes from each call so you know what we are doing with your unicorn throughout our program. Also, if you have questions, you can always put them into the software and our team would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Step 9

Two Times Per Month Mentorship

We have found that when unicorns have consistency, they reach their goals. We are excited to get started with your unicorn and helping them to stand out in their journey in finding their passion, exploring their unique gifts and talents, and inevitably flying out of your nest into a new home that feels like the right fit for them. So, what are you waiting for?

Mentorship Mastery Program

  • Two 30 Minute Sessions Per Month
  • Status Update in Dashboard
  • All Process Steps Above Included
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