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We Make Sure Your Unicorn Stands Out

College Admissions Has Changed

When you applied to college things were different. You selected 1 or 2 schools, hand wrote your applications, and got accepted based on your grades and test scores. Easy!

Times have changed. At the click of a button, students can apply using a template online to over 25 colleges. Colleges want more than grades and scores to get in the door, and your unicorn has it! We want to help your unicorn create their distinct unique angle to create a compelling application.

How We Make Unicorns Stand Out

The Pitch Process™ at College Shortcuts has been proven to help thousands of students get accepted to their dream school for more than 14 years.

Our team of coaches will work with your unicorn to pull out their unique strengths and personality traits. The result? Your unicorn gains confidence to show up as their best and brightest self in the admissions process. And, they know that schools are LUCKY to have them!

Help Your Unicorn Soar Above The Crowd

Your unicorn has all the ingredients for a beautiful application. We want to showcase their vision, their passion, their drive so that admissions officers are excited to accept them!

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Modern Technology For Today's World

With our software, we give families more than enough data all in one place in their fingertips so they can focus on the important things in the process.

All-In-One Dashboard For Easy Updates

Within your custom dashboard we work together to keep track of what really matters for your child. You can get notes from past sessions, set reminders for deadlines and important dates, track test score requirements, and much more with the click of a button.

Get Results Driven By Data & Merit

At College Shortcuts, we leverage a robust database to crunch the numbers and determine your child's likeliness of getting accepted their to dream school. Compare schools, map their locations, check acceptance rates, track tuition costs, check student population stats, and more 24/7 in your personal dashboard.


Meet Your Team

Our ratio of students is 5:1 consultant vs the average high school managing 500:1 counselor. We pair your unicorn with a consultant who has been through recent rounds of admissions and trained by us. In addition, your unicorn's entire process with College Shortcuts will be reviewed by admissions officers, relatable consultants, top level essay editors, and the founder.


Find Your Angle

We know that your unicorn is special and unique. We help to dig deep with them to find out what their passion is. Our relatable consultants are trained in helping your child find a unique angle to their admissions narrative.


Build Your School List

We know how important it is that your unicorn is happy and successful when they leave your home.  Using our proprietary software and our team, we will develop a list that is unique to your student to find the right programs based on their passion and preference.


Craft Your Resume

We have a proven resume format that streamlines the information so that admissions officers can see your unicorn shine in their achievements. Our team will edit every single word to give your child's activities the glitter they deserve. The resume is one of the statement pieces of the application.


The Pitch Process

Our team will work with your unicorn to brainstorm each topic to ensure they are on track and following our methodology. In doing this, it helps to cut down half the time for your unicorn to write. No more staring at blank cursors anymore! Your unicorn will outline, develop, and edit their drafts with our team until their essays are perfect for pitching. We will have multiple wordsmiths editing to final draft while keeping your unicorn's voice intact.


Letters Of Recommendation

Our proven strategies will prompt recommendation writers to forgo a cookie cutter letter and authentically speak to how your unicorn shines in their passion. We know how powerful these perspectives can be for admissions officers and want to make sure your unicorn has a multi-faceted application.


Attention To Detail

Our team will review all items prior to handing them over to your unicorn for submission. We are particular about every detail, and there will be multiple eyes checking your unicorn's work. Dot those T's and cross those I's!


Submit The Application

Our College Shortcuts secrets are poured into the submission process so that every admissions officer knows that your student has put the most effort into their applications. We have a very specific way to apply to colleges that makes admissions readers write love notes on your unicorn's acceptance letters! Trust me, it is worth every single step!

10 Schools
  • Includes all steps listed above in our process
  • Includes 10 Virtual Sessions Front-End Consultant Meetings
  • Includes Unlimited Time Spent Editing
  • Includes Online Application Checking
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BEST VALUE15 Schools
  • Includes all steps listed above in our process
  • Includes 12 Virtual Sessions Front-End Consultant Meetings
  • Includes Unlimited Time Spent Editing
  • Includes Online Application Checking
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Unlimited Schools
  • Includes all steps listed above in our process
  • Includes As Many Applications As Needed from Building the list to all application work completed
  • Includes Unlimited Essay Editing
  • Includes Online Application Checking
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