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Please make sure ALL decision makers are available for this call

We work with 1% of applicants to our program. If your application indicates that we are not a good fit for your needs we will reach out before your call.

Preparation For Your Call With Us

It is required that you watch this video and read the following pages prior to your interview so that you are well-informed before our call. We go through thousands of applications, and we like families that do their homework before they get on a call with us so that we can be most productive on this call.

You'll learn:
- Why we do what we do
- How our mentorship program works
- How our college mastery program works

Please read the following pages on our website prior to your interview so you are well-informed on our services and raving fans before our interview together:

College Mentorship - College Application Program - Testimonials

For my super detailed parents - make sure to also read our detailed brochures prior to jumping on your interview together:

Mentorship Brochure -College Admissions Brochure