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Please watch the videos and read thru the information before we call you for our discovery call. We want to use our time wisely together.

Please have all decision makers on the line – if you know that the decision to work with College Shortcuts has to be made with your spouse, it would be best to do one call with both of you on the line. We will be calling you on the number you provided.

Here is what is covered in this video:

  • check Who this program is meant for
  • check How we work
  • check The steps of our process and methodology

Are you a numbers person? These stats don’t lie!

  • check 85,437 Applications Approved
  • check 25,000,000 Million Dollars In Scholarships Received
  • check 40+ Years Of College Consultant Experience
  • check 95% Acceptance Rate Into Top Three Choices
  • check Students accepted into the top Ivy League schools year after year and the top 100 colleges across the country

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Pre Application Mastery (middle school-11th graders)
College Application Mastery (11th-12th graders)

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Why College Shortcuts was created – Watch Neha Gupta’s TEDx Talk: “Is Achievement Killing Us?”

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What is the difference between a company like College Shortcuts verses someone local?

College Shortcuts has national data for the last 15 years of the trends in college admissions. Because we work with students across the US we know the landscape year after year, verses working with someone who only knows students within the high school your child goes to or just that regional area.

Wouldn’t in person be better than online?

Most students are comfortable online watching videos and learning from them, so to them, it really feels like it isn’t that much of a difference. Most students like our relatable consultants that they can schedule calls with in the comfort of their own home.

What’s the Difference between a counselor at school and College Shortcuts?

How Do You Get Into Your Dream School?

Is Hiring A College Consultant Worth It?